pick and roll continuity offense pdf

Pick and roll continuity offense pdf

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wheel continuity offense basketball

High pick-and-roll

The following are some common pick-and-roll plays (figures 11.18 to 11.23).

Our teams have won eight conference championships, completed four undefeated seasons, put together a game winning streak and compiled a record over the past 11 seasons. All of that success began when I switched to this four-out, one-in offense. These kids are not going to play for us forever, so we want to teach them to read the defense and react to what it gives them. The diagrams show you all the different options our players have. Most coaches set their 5 on the ball side, but I prefer to set him on the opposite block to open up things for my point guard.

wheel continuity offense basketball

Cuts are made toward and away from the ball by every player with double screens away from the ball. This entry can also be used as a possible quick hitting scoring option before switching back into the The Wheel Continuity Offense. The Wheel Offense on June 15, For the first counter, the wing entry pass is being denied while the second counter shows the reversal pass to the top of the key being denied.

For as long as there have been designed offenses, the formation has been around. Putting our point guard up top, our shooting guard and small forward on the wings, and the power forward and center down on the block, we maintain good spacing around the outside of the court while also maintaining a presence inside for post scoring and offensive rebounding opportunities. The offense is best suited to a team with players who match their positions most traditional descriptions — a pass first point guard, wing players with good range and ball handling abilities, and bigs who are most comfortable with their back to the basket, down on the low block. Your three outside players should be interchangeable, and should know the responsibilities of both the point guard, shooting guard and small forward for each play. That goes the same for both the center and power forward.

High pick-and-roll

The Side Screen Offense is a two player screen and roll isolation. Although the Side Screen is a fairly simple looking play, it incorporates a magnitude of quick hitting options, which make it so lethal. Since it can be quickly initiated by just having a post step out and set an "ON" ball screen, Side Screen action can be used for continuity when an offensive play breaks down or to create a good shot as time winds down on the shot clock. The Side Screen can be triggered either by the point guard dribble-clearing the wing or by passing to the wing and making a basket cut clearing out to the weakside of the court. In the NBA, most teams prefer to run the Side Screen on the left side of the court for right handed players, and on the right side for left handed players.

They have become one of the most popular and feared systems in the game of basketball. Continuity ball screens are one of the most difficult actions to guard and nearly impossible to stop if you understand spacing, timing, and reads. When you use multiple ball screens in the same possession you will force your opponents into mistakes. Your players will have clear direction and purpose within the offense, and everyone will understand their role. Pick the one that's right for you, or mix and match to suit your team's strengths. This type of offense is easy to tweak and adjust to fit YOUR personnel. See it in your library.

This is true from youth basketball all the way up to the NBA level. Many coaches are missing out important details when teaching their players how to execute the screen and roll. An offensive player without the basketball sets a screen for the player with the basketball. The player with the basketball reads the defenders and dribbles off the screen looking to attack and create a shot for themselves or another player on the team. After screening, the screener rolls to the rim looking to catch the basketball and finish inside. The final three steps focus on the execution of the pick and roll. These require the offensive players to read the defense and make the correct decisions based on how the screen is defended.

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The following are some common pick-and-roll plays (figures 11.18 to 11.23).

Coach Angeli addresses the problem areas above while still keeping the reasons coaches love the run the Princeton Offense. Jamie Angeli teaches the Princeton Offense in his easy-to-understand style that will allow your team to run the offense effectively. Angeli begins with transition into the offense with a sideline break.

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First option is to look for 5 on the cut. This site contains information and upgrades for the coaching software tool Basketball Playbook. Player 2 plays center field trying to steal a pass thrown to either player. There is nothing like this offensive set in the basketball world. Game Preparation.

About This Play/Drill

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