advantages and disadvantages of li fi technology pdf

Advantages and disadvantages of li fi technology pdf

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Published: 14.05.2021

The Top Benefits and Disadvantages of Li-Fi Technology

advantages of lifi technology ppt

An Overview of Li-Fi Technology and its Benefits

The Top Benefits and Disadvantages of Li-Fi Technology

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Imagine a world where every light source can connect you to the internet. Sounds like a world of science fiction but the technology actually already exsits! It is called LiFi and it is the future of wireless connectivity.

The Top Benefits and Disadvantages of Li-Fi Technology

Wi-Fi 0 i Oledcomm used a Li-Fi-enabled lightbulb to transmit data at speeds as fast as 1 gigabits per second Gbps. LiFi is a revolutionary new technology capable of transmitting high volumes of data through the modulation of visible light. Li-Fi Technology: LiFi is a new way to establish wireless communication links using the Led lighting networks. Genuine LiFi is fully networked, bidirectional and high speed wireless communications using light. Li-Fi is made of several light bulbs that form a wireless network.

The term Li-Fi is similar to Wi-Fi excluding the fact that light rather than radio technology is used for data transmission. This paper. LiFi is a wireless communication technology that uses the infrared and visible light spectrum for high speed data communication. Li-Fi can help directing shoppers from the time they enter the shop. LiFi could transmit up to Gbps and possibly higher, but this would require a change in lighting technology. Li-Fi is made of several light bulbs that form a wireless network. Autumn, K.

The main function of this technology is to transmit the data via light. This technology is idyllic for high-speed wireless communication in a restricted region, and it offers many benefits over Wi-Fi technology such as high bandwidth, ease of use, efficiency, and safety. These systems can communicate from street lights to auto-piloted cars using their headlights. As the light speed is superior hence the data communication speed is also faster in the existing system. Furthermore, this technology can be implemented for speedy data access for the laptops, and gadgets that will be transmitted during the beam in a room.

advantages of lifi technology ppt

Wireless technology has revolutionized the modern workplace, turning coffee shops into offices and living rooms into conference rooms. With all the benefits to have been seen from the rise of wi-fi, the technology also maintains certain limitations. For example, wireless technology has notoriously struggled to make peace with its sworn nemesis: walls. It looks like some of these shortcomings could be addressed with Li-fi technology. Also known as light-fidelity, li-fi technology is high speed, bi-directional, networked and mobile wireless communication using the light spectrum to provide a user-experience similar to that of traditional wireless systems. Li—fi operates using visible light technology.

In the new era of the Internet of Things IoT , all information related to the environment, things and humans is connected to networks. Humans, too, can be considered an integral part of the IoT ecosystem. The growing human-centricity of IoT applications raises the need greater dynamicity, heterogeneity, and scalability in future IoT systems. Recently, the IoT and cloud computing have both evolved as emerging technologies and have already become part of our daily life. The complementary features of the IoT and cloud are forming a new IT paradigm to meet current and future requirements. Due to the increased demand for and volume of IoT data, it has become a critical challenge to transfer data from the edge of the network to computing data centers due to the limitations of network bandwidth and higher latency delay. The emergence of the new paradigm of computing in the cloud computing architecture has made it necessary to overcome the inherent limitations of cloud computing, such as location awareness, scalability, energy efficiency, mobility, bandwidth bottlenecks, and latency delay.

An Overview of Li-Fi Technology and its Benefits

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The Top Benefits and Disadvantages of Li-Fi Technology

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LiFi Pros & Cons

The Pros of LiFi

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