difference between value analysis and value engineering pdf

Difference between value analysis and value engineering pdf

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Value Analysis and Value Engineering

Value Engineering


Value Analysis and Value Engineering

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Value Analysis is one of the major techniques of cost reduction and control. It is a disciplined approach which ensures the necessary functions for the minimum cost without diminishing quality, reliability, performance and appearance. It is a creative approach to eliminate the unnecessary costs which add neither to quality nor to the appearance of the product. It is a systematic application of techniques to identify the functions of a product or a component and to provide the desired function at the lowest total cost. Forget about common people. The designer equates value with reliability; purchase people with price paid for them; production personnel with that of cost from the angle of manufacture; sales people with what customer is willing to pay.

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Value Engineering

It is defined as an assessment of a product that attempts to minimize its cost in relation to its functions. In this first phase, the team attempts to understand why the project exists and who or what it is to produce. They obtain project data, present the original design or product concepts, and understand the project scope. Schedule, costs, budget, risk, and other non-monetary issues are studied until the team is comfortable with the concept of the project, what it is to produce, and who its end users are. This step also includes things like site visits and meetings with the project team, if required.

It is applied during product development. The focus is on reducing costs, improving function or both, by way of teamwork-based product evaluation and analysis. This takes place before any capital is invested in tooling, plant or equipment. This is understandable when you consider the design of any product determines many factors, such as tooling, plant and equipment, labour and skills, training costs, materials, shipping, installation, maintenance, as well as decommissioning and recycle costs. Therefore value engineering should be considered a crucial activity late on in the product development process and is certainly a wise commercial investment, with regard to the time it takes. It is strongly recommended you build value engineering into your new product development process, to make it more robust and for sound commercial reasons. Value Analysis VA is concerned with existing products.

As winner of numerous international awards, Bruschi Spa is known for its innovative approach in design and technology. We are glad to share our insights and experiences with the industry members. Miles stated:. It is an organized creative approach whose purpose is the efficient identification of unnecessary costs, i. Therefore there was a need to analyze value.

PDF | The value of a product or service is recognized according to the SF is one of these techniques that have improved itself in the concrete, but when entering the cost factor and compare quality, we find that the value.


Value can be increased by either improving the Performance or reducing the cost. Because of the war, there were shortages of skilled labor, raw materials, and component parts. Lawrence Miles and Harry Erlicher at G. They noticed that these substitutions often reduced costs, improved the product, or both. What started out as an accident of necessity was turned into a systematic process.

Register now or log in to join your professional community. In short, value engineering is an erly stage process and value analysis is done after the birth of the product to an existing product. Value Enginerring is concerned with New products. Whereas Value analysis is concerned with existing products.

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VALUE ENGINEERING Analysis and Methodology

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    Value Analysis is applied to the existing product with a view to improve its value. It is analysis after the fact and it is a remedial procedure. Value engineering is applied to the design stage and thus ensures prevention rather than elimination.


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