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Human and social biology textbook pdf

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Human and Social Biology for CSEC

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An animal must move about and search for food. Movement of the entire body is known as locomotion. The release of energy from food substances to do work in the body. Oxygen from the air combines with food. Water and carbon dioxide are produce and excrete as waste materials. Also known as cellular respiration.

Sensitivity or Irritability The ability to detect or sense changes in the environment stimuli and to make responses. For example moving towards the sent of food when you smell it. It includes the replacement of worn-out parts of the body. An increase in cell number or cell size or both. Growth requires an organism to take in material from the environment and organize the material into its own structures.

Reproduction This is the processes which make more of the same kind of organism. Humans must reproduce if the group is to survive. Reproduction is often an extension of the growth process. There are two types of reproduction. Sexual Reproduction and Asexual Reproduction. Excretion This characteristic is the removal from organisms of toxic materials, the waste products of metabolism chemical reactions in cells including respiration and substances in excess of requirements.

Excretion is only responsible for the removal of waste produced by metabolism in body cells. Removal of undigested food from the intestine is called elimination or egestion. Nutrition This is the intake of food into the human body, so that body cells can make energy and provide the materials for building up the body structures.

The taking in of nutrients which are organic substances and mineral ions, containing raw materials or energy for growth and tissue repair, absorbing and assimilating them. Compare the structures of an unspecialized Plant and animal cell and selected Microbes; The Structure of cells: Animal cell. Has a irregular shape Do not usually have vacuoles but if present, they are very small. Cell membrane surrounding the cell contents. Microbes Microbes are single-cell organisms so tiny that millions can fit into the eye of a needle.

Bacteria A bacterium is a unicellular organism, with a cell wall, cell membrane and cytoplasm. It contains genetic material but no true nucleus.

Bacteria are single-celled microbes, which are generally smaller than other cells. A line of bacteria stretch about 1 cm. Bacteria can be ball shaped or rod shape. Structure of a Bacterium It has a cell wall.

It has a cell membrane. It contains DNA but not a true nucleus. Bacterium does not have parts such as those found in animal and plant cells. The flagella help the bacterium to move. Viruses Viruses have two main parts. An outer capsule made mostly of protein. Viruses reproduce, but they can only do this inside a living cell. Because viruses cannot carry out life functions such as growth and reproduction, is they are not inside a living animal or plant cell.

All viruses are called parasites. A parasite is an organism which lives on or in another organism. Viruses are classified as parasites. Structure of a Virus A virus does not has cell wall or cell membrane. Surrounded by a protein coating. The protein coat protects genetic information of the virus. A virus has no cytoplasm or cell parts. Fungi Yeast is a fungus that is unicellular. Yeast cell contains mitochondria, nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes and a large vacuole.

Control the movement of substances into and out of the cell. Cytoplasm All cell activities take place here. Contains the cell organelles for example mitochondria and ribosomes. Nucleus This is where chromosomes are found The nucleus controls the cells activities. Mitochondrion This is where cellular respiration take place.

Where energy for cell activities are release. Cells which are more active contain more mitochondria. Cell wall This is a non-living layer outside of plants cell membrane. The cell wall allow substances to pass through it freely. Vacuole Large in plant cells and contain water cell sap. Small and sometimes not permanent in animal cells.

Chloroplast The green pigment chlorophyll is found in it. This is where photosynthesis take place. Not found in animal cells. Ribosome Makes protein. A nerve cell is like a receiver, transmitter and transmission line with the task of passing a signal.

Conducts nerve impulses. Epithelial cell Line the cavities and surfaces of structures in the body Form many glands it help in secretion, selective absorption and protection.

Sperm cell Specialize to fertilize egg. Egg cells Have a large nucleus containing genetic information from the female. Store food in the cytoplasm. These specialized cells are specially designed to perform the functions for which they are intended.

Each of these cell types are formed and operate differently, ensuring that the cell can carry out the necessary body function that it is intended to complete. Example red blood cells, white blood cells and nerve cells. The movement of particles from a region of high concentration. When the particles are released in the surroundings, they randomly move until there is an even distribution of the particles throughout.

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Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Movement of the entire body is known as locomotion Respiration The release of energy from food substances to do work in the body. Compare the structures of an unspecialized Plant and animal cell and selected Microbes; The Structure of cells: Animal cell Has a irregular shape Do not usually have vacuoles but if present, they are very small.

Plant cell Plant cells have a rectangular shape. Have all the components of Animal cells and other parts.


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Human Social Biology Welcome to the first unit of the Human and Social Biology course. In this unit, you x Textbook Correlations.

Human and Social Biology for CSEC

Download csec human and csec past papers human and social biology book pdf social biology manandsocsocialbiology. Book pdf free download link or read online here in pdf. Read online csec human and social biology manandsocsocialbiology.

Human and Social Biology for Csec

Attribution CC BY. Would like to see even a short section on human evolution. As well, I don't see coverage of integumentary system or development.

Table of Contents

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