highway code questions and answers pdf

Highway code questions and answers pdf

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Published: 22.05.2021

Quiz: Test how well you know the Highway Code

The Premier Resource for Passing the 2021 Driving Theory Test...

highway code questions zimbabwe

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Quiz: Test how well you know the Highway Code

UK, remember your settings and improve government services. We also use cookies set by other sites to help us deliver content from their services. You can change your cookie settings at any time. The 'show me, tell me' vehicle safety questions that driving examiners can ask in car driving tests. The questions will be taken from this list. Removed the set of questions that applied until 3 December Added videos to the 'show me, tell me' vehicle safety questions from 4 December

The Premier Resource for Passing the 2021 Driving Theory Test...

Answered Flagged Free Theory Test You have 57 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice driving theory test questions. You need to answer at least 43 out of 50 questions correctly to pass. You can review your answer after each question or you can review all of your answers at the end of the test. Best of luck! The driving test comprises of two parts — the theory test and the practical driving test. The theory test was introduced by the government in order to improve understanding of safe driving.

This quiz supports recent research we undertook which revealed that many Brits were baffled by road signs and other elements of the Highway Code. If you have been affected and need advice please visit the Road Traffic Defence Solicitors It is a complete Highway Code of Zambia application and works offline. The road rules are also up to date with the SADC road rules. Road signs, traffic signals and carriageway markings are included. The application also contains quiz questions in over 5 categories, all totaling more than questions. This is the official version of The Highway Code.

Question. Number. Question and Multi-Choice Answer. Tick [ ] Box as appropriate for your answer. Highway (b) Act only on the Highway Code signs you know.

highway code questions zimbabwe

Try a random selection of questions for your car theory test which covers all the Highway Code sections. All practise questions are multiple choice and will challenge your knowledge of the road rules from signage to signalling, and motorway to MoTs. Or, choose a section below for specific topics. Driving on a motorway - rules, limits, safety, emergency procedures, roadworks and riding guidelines. Questions for the show me, tell me section where you explain to the examiner how to operate and check specific parts of your car.

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Prepare for your theory test with our free practice highway code test series. Our tests include explanations alongside each question to ensure you correctly understand the rules. Statistics show only around half of the people sitting the test actually pass!

Skip to content. You can buy these from high street book stores or online. To prepare for the multiple choice part of the theory test you should refer to the source material detailed below. There are also official practice tests for car drivers and motorcyclists at the bottom of this page. The Highway Code is essential reading.

Safe driving on your new driver's licence

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Theory Test Practice

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    Highway Code quiz Before using a vehicle on the public highway the road it's important that everyone uses them based on the same set of rules.

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    Try a random selection of questions for your large goods vehicle LGV licence which covers all the Highway Code sections.

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