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Career planning and development methods pdf

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Development Centres: Guidelines for Decision Makers

Unit of competency details


Unit of competency details

Individual career planning assumed greater significance with the unparalleled growth and speed of knowledge. Phenomenal increase in educational and training facilities.

Development Centres: Guidelines for Decision Makers

Individual career planning assumed greater significance with the unparalleled growth and speed of knowledge. Phenomenal increase in educational and training facilities. Similarly, organizational career planning also gained importance with the change in technology, human needs, value and aspirations, increase in organizational size, complexity and number of openings at different levels. Edwin B. Writher and Davis defines various terms of career planning as hereunder;. Management development programs should be evaluated in order to find out whether the objectives of the programs are achieved or not.

The development programs would be effective, if they contribute to the organizational group and individual goals. Management should delegate the responsibility of evaluation to a senior manager in the HRD department. The evaluation specialist should be clear of the objectives and goals against which the evaluation is conducted.

Evaluation should be continuous process and specific. The evaluation specialist should inform the trainees well in advance the content, objectives, areas and the methods of evaluation. Evaluation must be objective oriented. Evaluation must be realistic in terms of direction, standards etc.

The areas of evaluation include different managerial skills, knowledge, technical skills and conceptual skills and knowledge. These areas should be specific for each MDP based on the content provided. Evaluation should not only immediately be after the completion of the programs but also in specific intervals in the long-run in order the impact of MDP on the job behavior and efficiency of the trainee. Further, the evaluation may also measure the improvement in the decision making skill, interpersonal relations, strategy making and implementation skills etc.

The evaluation results should be provided to the trainees, their superiors, subordinates and HRD department of the organization. These results can be used for further improvement of the future programs in the company. Analysis of individual skills, knowledge, abilities, aptitudes etc. Analysis of career opportunities both within and outside the organization.

Analysis of career demands on the incumbents in terms of skills, knowledge, abilities and aptitudes. And training of experience and training received etc. Relating specific job to different career opportunities opportunities. Formulating career strategy covering areas of change and adjustment. Preparing and implementing action plan including acquiring resources for achieving goals. Writher and Davis defines various terms of career planning as hereunder; A career path is the sequential pattern of jobs that form a career.

Career goals are the future positions one strives for as a part of a career. Career planning is the process by which one selects career goals and path to these goals. Career development is those personal improvements one undertakes to achieve a personal career plan. Career management is the process of designing and implementing goals, plans and strategies to enable the organization to satisfy employees needs while allowing the individual to achieve their career goals. Evaluation of Management Development Programs.

To provide suitable promotional opportunities. To enable the employees to develop and make them ready to meet future challenge To increase the utilization of managerial reserves within the organization. To collect employee placement.

To reduced employee dissatisfaction and turn over. To improve motivation and morale. Process of Career Planning and Development i. Establishing realistic goals both short-term and long-term.

Unit of competency details

At a time when many Development Centres do not run as well as they should, strategic advice is provided on the core process of all Centres: assessment, counselling and development planning. Each of these processes is covered in depth and, throughout, the experience of major companies such as Philips and Pilkington is drawn on to support and illustrate its points. The bigger issues, those which have major impacts on the effectiveness of the Centres, are the focus of the article; in many ways important new standards are set for companies using Centres. Goodge, P. Report bugs here.



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TP Version. This unit covers planning related to one's own career. It includes self-assessment of skills and abilities, investigation of possible career opportunities, developing and implementing a career plan and monitoring progress against the plan. In practice, career planning may overlap with a range of other generalist or specialist work activities, such as gathering and analysing information, developing work plans, composing documents etc.

Career Planning and Development 1 Career Planning and Development Career Planning and Development

A career development plan is totally different from a performance appraisal. Performance appraisals focus on your supervisor? A career development plan is future-focused and details what you as an employee would like to learn and contribute.

Unit of competency details

Intensifying level of competition in job markets due to the increasing forces of globalisation has increased demand for the population of employable age in general, and university graduates in particular Armstrong, Therefore, today employees have to be more proactive towards their careers fully utilising a range of available tools such as career mapping, career plan, and personal development plan. This article illustrates a personal career management plan for the author of the report. The report starts with discussing the dream position of the author and highlighting the main skills and qualities needed to be successful in this position. This is followed by a brief explanation of career mapping and planning methodology.

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