robotics and control mittal and nagrath pdf

Robotics and control mittal and nagrath pdf

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Robotics and Control by RK Mittal


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WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Education. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Ganesh Naik. Ved Prakash. Jay Kishan Singh. Krishan Vallabh Sharma. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Robotics by rk mittal 1. F I J Nagrath 2. Manipulator Differential Motion and Statics 5. Linear V: -loritv o a Link I5 7 5. Im'obion Computation I60 2 S. I Computation of Singularities I65 5. I Selected Bihliograpliv I89 6.

Dvnamlc Modeling 6. Euler's Equation 6. Control of Mnnigulators 8. Intelligent robot: a robot that can determine its own behaviour and conduct through its functions of sense and recognition. Variably programmed operations make the execution of a multiplicity of tasks possible. Because of all this, there is still confusion in distinguishing a robot from automation and in describing functions of a robot To distinguish between a robot and automation.

For a machine to be called a robot. The robot must interpret the stimuli either passively or through active sensing to bring about the changes required in its environment. The decision-making. The growth of robots can be grouped into robot generations. These generations are overlapping and include futuristic projections. It is predicted that these will continue to be in use for a long time.

These robots exhibit path-control capabilities. Thistecltnological breakthrough came around and is yet not mature. The growth in computers led to high-speed processing of infonnation and, thus. The technology is still in infancy and has to go a long way. Prediction about its features is difficult, if not impossible. It may be a true android or an 7. This might provide for fifth and higher generation robots. A pictorial visualization of these overlapping generations of robots is given in Fig.

The mechanical structure of a robot is like the skeleton in the human body. The robot anatomy is, therefore, the study of skeleton of robot.

The mechanical structure of a manipulator that consists of rigid bodies links connected by means of articulations joints , is segmented into an arm that ensures mobility and reachability. Most manipulators are mounted on a base fastened to the floor or on the mobile platform of an autonomous guided vehicle AGV. The arrangement of base, arm, wrist, and end-effector is shown in Fig. A rigid link that can be connected.

Figure 1. Two links are connected together by a joint. By putting a pin through holes B and C of links I and 2, an open kinematic chain is formed as shown in Fig. The joint fomied is called a pin joint also known as a revolute or rotary joint.

Relative rotary motion between the links is possible and the two links are said to 8. In Fig. These are 0 Revolute R and 0 Prismatic P. The relative motion of the adjoining links of a joint is either rotary or linear depending on the type of joint. Revolute joint: It is sketched in Fig. The two links are jointed by a pin pivot about the axis of which the links can rotate with respect to each other.

Prismatic joint: It is sketched in Fig. The two links are so jointed that these can slide linearly move with respect to each other.

Screw and nut slow linear motion of the nut , rack and pinon are ways to implement prismatic joints. At a joint, links are connected such that they can be made to move relative to each other by the actuators. A rotary joint allows a pure rotation of one link 9. The kinematic chain formed by joining two links is extended by connecting more links.

To form a manipulator. Such a manipulator is an open kinematic chain. The end- effector is connected to the free end of the last link, as illustrated in Fig. Closed kinematic chains are used in special purpose manipulators. The kinematic chain of the manipulator is characterized by the degrees of freedom it has. These parameters are discussed in next sections. These six independent movements pictured in Fig.

R2, R3. Note from the above that six independent variables are required to specify the location position and orientation of an object in 3-D space. Nevertheless, in a 2-D space a plane. For instance. Consider an open kinematic chain of two links with revolute joints atA and B or C , as shown in Fig. Here, the first link is connected to the ground by a Introduction to Robotics Ground Fig.

Link 2 can rotate about joint 2 J2 with respect to link 1, contributing another independent variable and so another DOF. Thus, by induction, conclude that an open kinematic chain with one end connected to the ground by a joint and the farther end of the last link free, has as many degrees of freedom as the number of joints in the chain.

It is assumed that each joint has only one DOF. The DOF is also equal to the number of links in the open kinematic chain. For example, in Fig.

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The book provides a compressive overview of the fundamental skills underlying the mechanism and control of manipulators. Detailed chapter on Velocity Transformations, jacobian and Singularities. Trajectory Planning is developed using both joint space and Cartesian space methods. End effectors: Mechanical and other types of grippers. Tools as end effectors. Robot and effector interface.

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Robotics and Control by RK Mittal

List of ebooks and manuels about Robotics and control nagrath mittal. Biomedical Instrumentation. Control System by Nagrath and Gopal.

robotics by rk mittal.pdf

Download Intel Control Center 1. After the pipe adapter is installed, attach the gas control to the adapter. NOTE: Using a pipe adapter increases the overall length of the gas control.


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