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This guide has been kindly supported by our friends at LogRocket , a service that combines frontend performance monitoring , session replay, and product analytics to help you build better customer experiences. LogRocket tracks key metrics, incl. Get a free trial of LogRocket today. How do we actually know where we stand in terms of performance, and what exactly our performance bottlenecks are? Is it expensive JavaScript, slow web font delivery, heavy images, or sluggish rendering? And, most importantly, where do we even start improving performance and how do we establish a performance culture long-term?

Back in the day, performance was often a mere afterthought. Looking back now, things seem to have changed quite significantly.

Performance has to be measured, monitored and refined continually , and the growing complexity of the web poses new challenges that make it hard to keep track of metrics, because data will vary significantly depending on the device, browser, protocol, network type and latency CDNs, ISPs, caches, proxies, firewalls, load balancers and servers all play a role in performance.

So, if we created an overview of all the things we have to keep in mind when improving performance — from the very start of the project until the final release of the website — what would that look like? Happy optimizing, everyone! For example, to make performance more tangible, you could expose the revenue performance impact by showing the correlation between the conversion rate and time to application load, as well as rendering performance. Or the search bot crawling rate PDF, pages 27— Study common complaints coming into customer service and sales team, study analytics for high bounce rates and conversion drops.

Explore how improving performance can help relieve some of these common problems. Adjust the argument depending on the group of stakeholders you are speaking to. Run performance experiments and measure outcomes — both on mobile and on desktop for example, with Google Analytics. It will help you build up a company-tailored case study with real data. Furthermore, using data from case studies and experiments published on WPO Stats will help increase sensitivity for business about why performance matters, and what impact it has on user experience and business metrics.

How to get there? In her talk on Building Performance for the Long Term , Allison McKnight shares a comprehensive case-study of how she helped establish a performance culture at Etsy slides. More recently, Tammy Everts has spoken about habits of highly effective performance teams in both small and large organizations. As Karolina Szczur noted , "expecting a single number to be able to provide a rating to aspire to is a flawed assumption.

The data is gathered from the Chrome browser users, so the reports will be Chrome-specific, but they will give you a fairly thorough distribution of performance, most importantly Core Web Vitals scores, across a wide range of your visitors. Note that new CrUX datasets are released on the second Tuesday of each month. In his work, Harry Roberts has been using a Site-Speed Topography Spreadsheet which he uses to break down performance by key page types, and track how different key metrics are across them.

And if you want to go all the way, you can run a Lighthouse performance audit on every page of a site via Lightouse Parade , with an output saved as CSV. That will help you identify which specific pages or types of pages of your competitors perform worse or better, and what you might want to focus your efforts on.

Now you have something measurable to test against. And if you need something custom, you can use webpagetest-charts-api , an API of endpoints to build charts from WebPagetest results. Just like Pinterest , you could create a custom eslint rule that disallows importing from files and directories that are known to be dependency-heavy and would bloat the bundle.

Also, think about critical customer tasks that are most beneficial to your business. Study, discuss and define acceptable time thresholds for critical actions and establish "UX ready" user timing marks that the entire organization has approved.

In many cases, user journeys will touch on the work of many different departments, so alignment in terms of acceptable timings will help support or prevent performance discussions down the road.

Make sure that additional costs of added resources and features are visible and understood. Align performance efforts with other tech initiatives, ranging from new features of the product being built to refactoring to reaching to new global audiences.

So every time a conversation about further development happens, performance is a part of that conversation as well. If you prioritize early on which parts are more critical, and define the order in which they should appear, you will also know what can be delayed.

Ideally, that order will also reflect the sequence of your CSS and JavaScript imports, so handling them during the build process will be easier.

Also, consider what the visual experience should be in "in-between"-states, while the page is being loaded e. But account for the different types and usage behaviors of your customers which Tobias Baldauf called cadence and cohorts , along with bot traffic and seasonality effects.

Planning, planning, planning. It might be tempting to get into some quick "low-hanging-fruits"-optimizations early on — and it might be a good strategy for quick wins — but it will be very hard to keep performance a priority without planning and setting realistic, company-tailored performance goals.

What does it mean? Rather than focusing on full page loading time via onLoad and DOMContentLoaded timings, for example , prioritize page loading as perceived by your customers. That means focusing on a slightly different set of metrics. In fact, choosing the right metric is a process without obvious winners.

Usually, the most specific and relevant ones are:. It used to provide an insight into how quickly the server outputs any data. It was effectively replaced with LCP which is both more reliable and easier to reason about.

It is no longer supported in Lighthouse. Double check latest user-centric performance metrics and recommendations just to make sure you are on the safe page thanks, Patrick Meenan.

Steve Souders has a detailed explanation of many of these metrics. Depending on the context of your application, preferred metrics might differ: e. For each of them, Google recommends a range of acceptable speed goals. These metrics quickly gained traction, and with Core Web Vitals becoming ranking signals for Google Search in May Page Experience ranking algorithm update , many companies have turned their attention to their performance scores.

The main reason for a low LCP score is usually images. For the first year update, we might be expecting First Contentful Paint to be promoted to Core Web Vitals, a reduced FID threshold and better support for single-page applications.

We might also see the responding to user inputs after load gaining more weight, along with security, privacy and accessibility! Related to Core Web Vitals, there are plenty of useful resources and articles that are worth looking into:.

So, are Core Web Vitals the ultimate metrics to follow? Not quite. As we should be expecting Core Web Vitals to evolve, it seems only reasonable to always combine Web Vitals with your custom-tailored metrics to get a better understanding of where you stand in terms of performance. Globally in , according to the IDC, An average consumer upgrades their phone every 2 years , and in the US phone replacement cycle is 33 months.

In fact, it might be a good idea to look into current Amazon Best Sellers for your target market. What test devices to choose then? The ones that fit well with the profile outlined above.

Also, check the chipsets used in each device and do not over-represent one chipset : a few generations of Snapdragon and Apple as well as low-end Rockchip, Mediatek would be enough thanks, Patrick! Eventually switch over to regular 3G, slow 4G e. Luckily, there are many great options that help you automate the collection of data and measure how your website performs over time according to these metrics.

Keep in mind that a good performance picture covers a set of performance metrics, lab data and field data :. The former is particularly useful during development as it will help you identify, isolate and fix performance issues while working on the product. The latter is useful for long-term maintenance as it will help you understand your performance bottlenecks as they are happening live — when users actually access the site.

Furthermore, with Server Timing header , you could even monitor back-end and front-end performance all in one place. In fact, some extensions might have a profound performance impact Chrome Extension Performance Report on your application, and if your users use them a lot, you might want to account for it up front. Hence, "clean" profile results alone are overly optimistic and can be crushed in real-life scenarios. Because the browser needs time to paint the new frame to the screen, your code should finish executing before hitting the Be pessimistic in performance expectations, but be optimistic in interface design and use idle time wisely check idlize , idle-until-urgent and react-idle.

Obviously, these targets apply to runtime performance, rather than loading performance. We have two major constraints that effectively shape a reasonable target for speedy delivery of the content on the web.

Designed for the modern web, it responds to actual congestion, rather than packet loss like TCP does, it is significantly faster , with higher throughput and lower latency — and the algorithm works differently.

To achieve the goals stated in the first paragraph, we have to consider the critical file size budget for JavaScript. Opinions vary on what that budget should be and it heavily depends on the nature of your project , but a budget of KB JavaScript gzipped already would take up to 1s to parse and compile on a mid-range phone.

So, if your year-over-year web performance metrics stay stable, that's usually a warning sign as you're actually regressing as the environment keeps improving details in a blog post by Gilles Dubuc.

On a middle-class mobile device, that accounts for 12—20 seconds for Time-To-Interactive. We could also go beyond the bundle size budget though. Tools such as Calibre , SpeedCurve and Bundlesize can help you keep your budgets in check, and can be integrated into your build process.

However, they do sound reasonable when we deal with the unpredictable nature of the network and hardware, including everything from congested networks to slowly developing infrastructure, to data caps , proxy browsers, save-data mode and sneaky roaming charges.

Among the build tools, Rollup keeps gaining traction, so does Snowpack , but Webpack seems to be the most established one, with literally hundreds of plugins available to optimize the size of your builds. Watch out for the Webpack Roadmap One of the most notable strategies that appeared recently is Granular chunking with Webpack in Next.

By default, modules that aren't shared in every entry point can be requested for routes that do not use it. This ends up becoming an overhead as more code is downloaded than necessary. With granular chunking in Next. With SplitChunksPlugin , multiple split chunks are created depending on a number of conditions to prevent fetching duplicated code across multiple routes.

This improves page load time and caching during navigations. Shipped in Next. Getting started with Webpack can be tough though.

Physics - Speed Of Sound In Different Media - Tutorialspoint

Speed and Sound: topstartup. Skip to main content. Magazine Subscriptions Go Search Best. Thank you for all the support and have a happy holidays! Speed and Sound social media links:Facebook - topstartup. Speed and Sound Magazine, Sandton, Gauteng.

Technology and Culture We need to focus first on pedigree. This volume was originally published in as a trade book by Simon and Schuster. That crucial fact explains why the sources remain largely undocumented, why there are few footnotes, and why the author cites no articles from scholarly journals in the bibliography. This version is what I am reviewing here. Whether university presses should indulge in the rerelease of seemingly marketable books lacking a full scholarly apparatus for the purpose of turning a quick profit is a questionable practice, but I leave that philosophical issue for others to debate at a later date in another forum.

The sound barrier or sonic barrier is the sudden increase in aerodynamic drag and other undesirable effects experienced by an aircraft or other object when it approaches the speed of sound. When aircraft first approached the speed of sound, these effects were seen as constituting a barrier making faster speeds very difficult or impossible. Flying faster than sound produces a sonic boom. The term came into use during World War II when pilots of high-speed fighter aircraft experienced the effects of compressibility , a number of adverse aerodynamic effects that deterred further acceleration, seemingly impeding flight at speeds close to the speed of sound. These difficulties represented a barrier to flying at faster speeds. In , American test pilot Chuck Yeager demonstrated that safe flight at the speed of sound was achievable in purpose-designed aircraft, thereby breaking the barrier.

Speed and Sound - Speed & Sound Magazine is South Africa's leading aftermarket performance motoring magazine. In a niche market within SA's publishing.


Upon graduation from the music therapy program, I went on to study psychoanalytic psychotherapy and guided imagery and music. My desire was to work in-. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions.

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