sound and music production syllabus pdf up masscomm

Sound and music production syllabus pdf up masscomm

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Published: 03.05.2021

Career readiness & employability skills

Mass Communication & Media

Specialized media school in India

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Career readiness & employability skills

BSc in Visual Communication is a media literacy course that endeavors to sensitize the students with all the nuances of the media and entertainment industry. Its broad area covers an array of multi disciplinary subjects and its applications are innumerable interrelated professions. The students on the completion of this course will be able to work on various visual platforms like digital and non digital imagery, multimedia, film and television, printing and publication. The growing importance of this field of study has made the Vels University to offer BSc in Visual communication since the academic year The aim of the course is to equip the students to see things with the eye of a visual communicator.

Prabhat Studio was a pioneer in the business of filmmaking and shifted to Pune from Kolhapur in The archaic studios of the time, which were the production grounds for the films of Prabhat are still present and are being used at FTII. The old Studios of Prabhat are now heritage structures and FTII students continue to work at the world's oldest functioning film shooting studios. The company was founded in Kolhapur in and moved to Pune 4 years later. A stellar and pioneering film company of its time, it produced several important and iconic films such as Shejari, Sant Dyaneshwar and Sairandhri, which was the only colour film made by Prabhat. Such was the legacy of this iconic studio, that at the time, it was We are all born creative.

Mass Communication & Media

The School of Film and Mass Communication SFMC , at the university aspires to reach a position of distinction in the region and the rest of the world by offering world-class education, conducting research, and serving the community in relevant arenas of interest. Through a commitment to scholarly and creative work that enhances instructional effectiveness and excellence in research, the School of Film and Mass Communication seeks to provide critical thinkers committed to the pursuit of intellectual distinction and are equipped to perform effectively at professional levels of social and economic importance. SFMC focuses on training of students and media personnel who can function effectively in various media professions especially journalism, broadcasting, public relations, advertising, media research, media psychology, media education, film, animaton, Vfx, Shx and cinematography. SFMC, as a part of its social commitment and responsibility towards the community within which is situated, runs a community radio station CRS , addressing the communities of Allahabad. CRS radio broadcasts educational and wide range of rich socio-cultural programmes by the students under the supervision of the faculty members. SFMC has been attached to several satellite channels. It produces films and video for these channels.

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Sign up for eNews. Demographers have predicted that the first person who will live to be has already been born. This means that children entering school today face the possibility of being the first generation of workers with year careers. Employability is a journey, not a destination. A career path, not a job. Employers and institutions have the opportunity to help learners advance in their journeys as the economy and technology impact jobs. This means reconfiguring job roles, rethinking education, and equipping ourselves and our children with the human skills to succeed.

Specialized media school in India

He has also been involved in projects dealing with live sound, and worked as an integral part of a post-production company in a whirlwind career of over 10 years. His unparalleled insights into the inner workings of the sound Industry help bring a strong vision and unwavering determination to provide the best education for sound in India to Seamedu. She was working in UAE, as a freelancer for 3 years before moving back to Pune. She has worked extensively as a freelance commercial photographer in India and in Dubai for various brands and companies such as Sheikha Boutique, Style your armour, Lunch-on, Regal, Abu Dhabi international conventions to name a few.

Mass Communication is a medium of dispersing information to a large number of people. The term is not limited to only journalism but spreads its branches to various other media fields including newsgathering and reporting, film direction and production, event management , public relations, advertising, corporate communication, and the list continues. In recent years, the field of mass media and communication has evolved into a partially interactive concept that touches almost every aspect of human life.

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