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Difference between ac and dc supply pdf

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What is AC Current?

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What Is The Difference Between AC and DC?

Alternating current AC and direct current DC are two types of current in electricity. The basic difference between ac and dc current is that AC current reverses its direction while flowing in a circuit, while DC current does not change its direction. The alternating current generates frequency while direct current has zero frequency. We learn in detail about ac and dc current. Direct current DC which is produced by a voltage source whose terminals have fixed polarity.

What is AC Current?

Alternating current, or AC, is current that oscillates and changes direction at a certain frequency. You can imagine the free electrons in a wire moving back and forth, oscillating around a single fixed point. This is what happens with AC current. You might wonder if this oscillation would produce noticeable effects in the objects it is used to power because if the current is oscillating, then it is periodically zero for a brief moment before it changes direction.

But the oscillation frequency is usually high enough that these effects are imperceptible. AC current is generated by power plants and is what you are connecting your appliances to when you plug them into the outlets in your house.

Direct current, or DC, is current that flows continuously in one direction at a constant rate. In a closed-circuit loop, all electrons move in one direction around the loop. This is the type of current that typically flows in any circuit connected to a battery. Edison had developed direct current, and it was the standard used during the early days with low-voltage circuits powering lights in houses.

High-voltage AC power, meanwhile, was powering street lamps. When George Westinghouse's company developed a way to step down high AC voltages using transformers for household use, fierce competition ensued.

Ultimately AC won out due to the ability to transmit over long distances without loss, AC's greater efficiency and the fact that it is much easier to step down voltages when working with AC than it is with DC. Generally speaking, a rectifier is a simpler circuit whereas an inverter tends to be more complicated to build. This is another reason the source of electricity your home is connected to is AC and not DC.

Both AC and DC current result from inducing charge to move through wires in order to transmit electrical energy and use it to power various devices. In both cases, a voltage source initiates current flows in the circuits. It is also possible to convert from one type of current to the other, though going from AC to DC is generally considered easier. AC and DC currents are generated differently. DC is generated from batteries and DC generators, while AC is generated from AC generators and electrical power plants, which convert mechanical energy into AC power more readily than they would DC power because these generators typically rely on circular or oscillatory motion that directly induces alternating current.

AC and DC currents have different uses as well. Everything hooked up "to the grid" is running on AC, whereas battery-operated devices such as your phone or power tools operate on DC. Gayle Towell is a freelance writer and editor living in Oregon. She earned masters degrees in both mathematics and physics from the University of Oregon after completing a double major at Smith College, and has spent over a decade teaching these subjects to college students.

Also a prolific writer of fiction, and founder of Microfiction Monday Magazine, you can learn more about Gayle at gtowell. AC vs. Continuous or pulsing. References U. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd.

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Direct current DC is the one directional flow of electric charge. An electrochemical cell is a prime example of DC power. Direct current may flow through a conductor such as a wire, but can also flow through semiconductors , insulators , or even through a vacuum as in electron or ion beams. The electric current flows in a constant direction, distinguishing it from alternating current AC. A term formerly used for this type of current was galvanic current.

Electric power can be transmitted in both AC and DC for short and long transmission and distribution systems. There are some advantages and disadvantages of both systems. In earlier time, the electric power transmission was done in DC due to the following advantages over AC. Nowadays, the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power has mostly been in AC. The above comparison shows that DC transmission system is better than the AC transmission system but still, the majority of power transmission is done in AC power lines due to cost and uses of transformers for changing the level of voltages at different levels for different purposes. Therefore, some countries transmit the electric power through DC power lines. Good to know:.

Ac current changes its direction during flow while the DC current does not changes its direction during flow and remains constant. The AC current is generated by the alternator while DC current is generated by Photovoltaic cells, generators and batteries.

What Is The Difference Between AC and DC?

The AC current changes its polarity and magnitude periodically and continuously with respect to time. The Ac current can be produced with a device named alternator that produces the alternating current. Suppose a piston is inserted inside a pipe and connected with a rotating rod as in the pin pic below. Here the piston has two strokes one towards upward and the other towards backward on the upward stroke, the water moves in a clockwise direction and the backward direction the water displaces in an anticlockwise direction so in this way water direction changes its direction periodically with oscillation of the piston.

The AC current changes its polarity and magnitude periodically and continuously with respect to time. The Ac current can be produced with a device named alternator that produces the alternating current. Suppose a piston is inserted inside a pipe and connected with a rotating rod as in the pin pic below.

The conducting materials have free electrons which move from one atom to another when the potential difference is applied across them. This flow of electrons in a closed circuit is called current. On the basis of the direction of movement of electrons in a closed circuit, the electric current is mainly classified into two types, i. One of the major differences between the alternating and direct current is that in alternating current the polarity and the magnitude of the current changes at the regular interval of time whereas in direct current it remains constants.

Direct current

However, the two appear to be more recently coming together to exist in harmony. Alternating and reversing direction 60 times per second 50 in Europe , AC current could be converted to different voltages more easily using a transformer. However, in recent years, DC has seen a bit of a renaissance.

Difference between AC and DC current in tabular form

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