information theory and statistics kullback pdf

Information theory and statistics kullback pdf

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Information Theory and Statistics (1968)

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The development history of these techniques is reviewed, their essential philosophy is explained, and typical applications, supported by simulation results, are discussed. Papademetriou, R. Report bugs here. Please share your general feedback. You can join in the discussion by joining the community or logging in here. You can also find out more about Emerald Engage.

Information theory is the scientific study of the quantification , storage , and communication of information. The field was fundamentally established by the works of Harry Nyquist and Ralph Hartley , in the s, and Claude Shannon in the s. The field is at the intersection of probability theory , statistics , computer science, statistical mechanics , information engineering , and electrical engineering. A key measure in information theory is entropy. Entropy quantifies the amount of uncertainty involved in the value of a random variable or the outcome of a random process. For example, identifying the outcome of a fair coin flip with two equally likely outcomes provides less information lower entropy than specifying the outcome from a roll of a die with six equally likely outcomes.

Information theory is a branch of mathematics based on probability theory andstatistical theory. What might statisticians learn from information theory? Basic concepts like entropy, mutual information, and Kullback-Leibler divergence also called informational divergence, or relative entropy, or discrimination Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

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Entropy and relative entropy are proposed as features extracted from symbol sequences. Firstly, a proper Iterated Function System is driven by the sequence, producing a fractaMike representation CSR with a low computational cost. Examples are included. Documents: Advanced Search Include Citations. Authors: Advanced Search Include Citations. Citations: - 2 self. Abstract Entropy and relative entropy are proposed as features extracted from symbol sequences.

Information Theory and Statistics (1968)

In contrast to variation of information , it is a distribution-wise asymmetric measure and thus does not qualify as a statistical metric of spread — it also does not satisfy the triangle inequality. In the simple case, a relative entropy of 0 indicates that the two distributions in question are identical. In simplified terms, it is a measure of surprise, with diverse applications such as applied statistics, fluid mechanics , neuroscience and bioinformatics. The relative entropy was introduced by Solomon Kullback and Richard Leibler in as the directed divergence between two distributions; Kullback preferred the term discrimination information.

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Data processing using information theory functionals

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Information theory


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    Information theory is a branch of the mathematical theory of probability and mathematical statistics. As such, it can be and is applied in a wide variety of fields​.


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