social development theory and practice pdf

Social development theory and practice pdf

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6 Important Theories in Social Work

Applying Social Work Theory to Practice


James Midgley and Amy Conley

Practice cannot be blind to theory, and theory cannot be blind to practice. This is simple to say yet immensely difficult to do. Theory development around sport for social change agendas has received greater attention from scholars over the past 10 years. Sport for social change, broadly speaking, captures change that occurs both in and through sport.

6 Important Theories in Social Work

Don't have an account? This chapter provides an overview of developmental social work tracing its history, theoretical assumptions and strategies. It shows how developmental social work was influenced by the Global South. Key theoretical concepts used in the field are described. The chapter then discusses major social investment intervention strategies used in development social work including human capital investments, social capital mobilization, employment and self-employment microenterprise , asset building strategies, and policies for removing barriers to effective economic participation among social work in social welfare clients.

Applying Social Work Theory to Practice

This is a strategic book and an important book. It makes an intervention in the long-running debate about the role and tasks of social work as a global profession. It does this in a conscious fashion, as the introduction by the editors James Midgley and Amy Conley makes clear:. Although there has been a growing awareness and interest in the relevance of social development ideas to professional social work … many still believe that it is primarily applicable to the developing countries in the Global South and of limited use in the West. By showing how social investment strategies can be applied in conventional fields of practice in the United States, the book hopes to demonstrate the universal relevance of the developmental approach p.


Social work theories attempt to describe, explain and predict social events based on scientific evidence, studies and research. Social work perspectives draw from psychology, philosophy, economics, education and other fields to attempt to explain what drives and motivates people at various stages of life. That ensures competence in social work, which can increase social worker confidence. Social work theories help social workers analyze cases, understand clients, create interventions, predict intervention results and evaluate outcomes. While the theories are constantly evolving as new evidence is produced, referencing social work theories that have been used over time enables social workers to explore causes of behavior.

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This volume examines developmentality and the archeology of its social practices, unfolding systemic failures that muffle progress. Economic, climate, and social justice are the areas of focus for this analysis of human-social development in the fog of ideological-institutional meltdowns.

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Southern African Journal of Social Work and Social Development

Southern African Journal of Social Work and Social Development, formerly The Social Work Practitioner-Researcher, is a refereed interdisciplinary journal for social workers and social service professionals concerned with the advancement of the theory and practice of social work and social development in Africa and in a changing global world.

James Midgley and Amy Conley

Building Knowledge for Social Development Worldwide. Social Development Educational Resources. Midgley, J.

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    Complete with international examples drawn from around the world, Social Development: Theory and Practice demonstrates how social development theory translates into practical application.


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