c# and the net platform andrew troelsen pdf

C# and the net platform andrew troelsen pdf

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Pro C# 8 with .NET Core 3: Foundational Principles and Practices in Programming, 9th Edition


Pro CSharp 2008 And The .NET 3.5 Platform [eng]

Pro C# 8 with .NET Core 3: Foundational Principles and Practices in Programming, 9th Edition

Chapter 21 - ADO. While it is true that there is some relationship between the two systems e. Furthermore, you can find many new ADO.

NET was built with the disconnected world in mind, using DataSets. This type represents a local copy of any number of related data tables, each of which contains a collection of rows and column.

Using the DataSet, the calling assembly such as a web page or desktop executable is able to manipulate and update a DataSet's contents while disconnected from the data source and send any modified data back for processing using a related data adapter.

NET is a managed library of code; therefore, it plays by the same rules as any other managed library. The types that make up ADO. NET language. From a programmatic point of view, the bulk of ADO. NET is represented by a core assembly named System.

Within this binary, you find a good number of namespaces see Figure , many of which represent the types of a particular ADO.

NET data provider defined momentarily. Figure System. NET assembly It turns out most Visual Studio project templates automatically reference this key data access assembly. NET namespaces! Data; using System.

NET-centric assemblies beyond System. NET libraries in three conceptually unique manners: connected, disconnected, or through the Entity Framework. When you use the connected layer the subject of this chapter , your code base explicitly connects to and disconnects from the underlying data store. When you use ADO. NET in this manner, you typically interact with the data store using connection objects, command objects, and data reader objects.

The disconnected layer you will learn more about this in Chapter 22 allows you to manipulate a set of DataTable objects contained within a DataSet that functions as a client-side copy of the external data. When you obtain a DataSet using a related data adapter. As you would guess, this approach helps free up connections for other callers quickly and goes a long way toward increasing the scalability of your systems.

Once a caller receives a DataSet, it is able to traverse and manipulate the contents without incurring the cost of network traffic. Also, if the caller wishes to submit the changes back to the data store, the data adapter in conjunction with a set of SQL statements is used to update the data source; at this point the connection is reopened for the database updates to occur, and then closed again immediately.

With the release of. NET 3. Using EF, you will find that many of the low-level database specifics such as complex SQL queries are hidden from view and authored on your behalf when you generate a fitting LINQ query e. You will examine this aspect of ADO. NET in Chapter Use of content on this site is expressly subject to the restrictions set forth in the Membership Agreement.

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NET framework. C is widely used for building mobile applications, games, and windows applications. Here is a curated list of Top 14 C Books that should be part of any beginner to advanced C Learners library. NET, Core 3. The book offers everything you need to start programming C applications.

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More info here. Ebook can be read and downloaded up to 6 devices. You can't read this ebook with Amazon Kindle. NET and. NET Core. Andrew Troelsen , Philip Japikse. NET 4.

I would like to dedicate this book to my father,. Wally Troelsen. Thanks, Dad, for all of your support over the years and the years to come. Andrew Troelsen is a​.

Pro CSharp 2008 And The .NET 3.5 Platform [eng]

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