immigration and the us policy debate pdf

Immigration and the us policy debate pdf

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Published: 30.05.2021

Introduction and summary

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Teachers, not yet a subscriber? Why are we so divided? In that time, Trump has moved to reshape American immigration policy in a profound way.

Introduction and summary

Policymakers must break free of the false dichotomy of America as either a nation of immigrants or a nation of laws, and advance an immigration system that is fair, humane, and actually works. For too many years, the conversation has been predicated on a false dichotomy that says America can either honor its history and traditions as a nation of immigrants 1 or live up to its ideals as a nation of laws by enforcing the current immigration system. Debates over a liberal immigration policy actually predate the start of the nation itself; they infused the drafting of the U. Indeed, it is precisely because these two visions of the country are intertwined that America cannot be a nation of laws if those laws are antithetical to its history and ideals as a nation of immigrants. Put another way, the U. This report sets out a framework for immigration policymaking that brings together the two visions of America, with the goal of building a fair, humane, and well-functioning immigration system in which the rule of law is restored.

In reading this special issue we gain a remarkably insightful glimpse of the important role that immigration policy has played, and will continue to play, in several important aspects of contemporary American life. After eight years of the Bush Administration, a new immigration policy is poised to rise again from the ashes of the infamous Sensenbrenner Bill. In this new political context, where Hope has vanquished Fear, we might hope that America can return to the task of constructing a reasonable and humane response to the needs of its Illegal People. Given their irregular status, we should not be surprised that they avoid being counted. As a rough estimate, however, Passel and Cohn suggest that there are less than 12 million unauthorized immigrants in the United States. If correct, this number is fewer than those who enjoy permanent legal status.

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To say that the United States is a country of immigrants is an acknowledgment of history. It is also how many U. But immigrants have not always been welcomed with open arms. Debates about immigration and immigration policy have been omnipresent throughout U. Immigration and the U. Policy Debate explores the history of immigration to the United States and current U.

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Throughout its history, the United States has been a nation of immigrants. Some came in search of economic opportunity, some for political, religious, or artistic freedom, some to reunite with their families. Their welcome depended on the idea that the newcomers conferred benefits on the nation: in scientific knowledge, artistic accomplishment, entrepreneurial talent, a richer cultural diversity, or simple additions to the labor force needed for the country's geographically and industrially expanding economy. Yet one has only to remember the Alien and Sedition Act of , the Chinese Exclusion Act of , or the ebbs and flows of immigration legislation in this century to know that the current debate about immigration is nothing new. Although the door has never been completely shut, it has been—in varying degrees—only partly open, as Americans continue to debate the costs and benefits of receiving and integrating immigrants, in both economic and social terms.

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Overview: Americans offer varied positive and negative perspectives regarding immigrants. There are points of view, for example, regarding immigrants' impact on the U. Gathering information on pro and con arguments can be helpful if making conclusions regarding immigrants' roles in the United States is to occur.

Immigration has been a touchstone of the U. Congress has been unable to reach an agreement on comprehensive immigration reform for years, effectively moving some major policy decisions into the executive and judicial branches of government and fueling debate in the halls of state and municipal governments. President Donald J. Trump was elected on pledges to take extraordinary actions to curb immigration, including controversial plans to build out the border wall with Mexico, deport millions of undocumented immigrants, and temporarily ban Muslims.


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The U.S. Immigration Debate

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    On June 22, , President Trump passed an Executive Order drastically cutting the number of highly skilled international workers eligible for non-immigrant visas to the U.

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    Immigration and the U.S. Policy Debate was developed by the Choices Program with the assistance of faculty at Brown University. We wish to thank the following​.

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