the criminal prosecution and capital punishment of animals pdf

The criminal prosecution and capital punishment of animals pdf

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Animal trial

The Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals

The criminal prosecution and capital punishment of animals classic reprint

Animal trial

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The Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals

This article explores compelling and specific cases from France during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries in which animals were formally executed for crimes. In secular cases, a domestic animal generally pigs, horses, and bulls could be charged for killing a human and consequently be condemned to death, usually by hanging. Receipts relating to such cases can be found in seigneurial accounts which duly note the costs associated with the execution. An under-studied source on the animal trials, these records reveal the rhetorical strategies used to inform the treatment of an animal accused of committing a crime. This article looks specifically at the role of procedure as a discursive frame that transformed an offending animal into a criminal. These procedures include providing the appropriate judicial personnel and the right equipment for the execution. The condemned animal thus occupied an ambiguous space as a nonhuman that had been placed in legal categories made by and made for human subjects.

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Understanding and justifying capital punishment need to proceed from within a larger framework that can be and often is left implicit. That framework consists of one's views about punishment generally; only within that context can one adequately face the narrower issues peculiar to understanding and justifying the death penalty. If punishment as such could not be justified, then a fortiori neither could the death penalty. If punishment generally serves certain purposes or functions, then presumably so does the death penalty. Not so conversely, however.

The criminal prosecution and capital punishment of animals classic reprint

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Du kanske gillar. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. This pioneering work collects an amazing assemblage of court cases in which animals have been named as defendants--chickens, rats, field mice, bees, gnats, and in 34 recorded instances pigs, among others-- providing insight into such modern issues as animal rights, capital punishment, and social and criminal theory.

Although interactions between people and other animals play an important part in the social arena, this topic has until recently largely been neglected by criminologists. Recent developments in ethical theory on the moral status of animals require a reconsideration of speciesist attitudes and practices permeating our dealings with animals. Hence, a non-speciesist criminology is called for.

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Adam Green - March 27, in animal trials , Books , E. On 5 March some villagers near Malacca in Malaysia beat to death a dog, which they believed was one of a gang of thieves who transform themselves into animals to carry out their crimes. The story was reported on the front page of the London Financial Times. Such stories, however, are apparently not news for very long. Indeed the most extraordinary examples of people taking retribution against animals seem to have been almost totally forgotten. A few years ago I lighted on a book, first published in , with the surprising title The Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals by E.

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    In legal history , an animal trial was the criminal trial of a non- human animal.


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