the kingship of christ and organized naturalism pdf

The kingship of christ and organized naturalism pdf

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Kingship of Christ and Organized Naturalism, The

Denis Fahey

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By he had completed his qualifying studies and was appointed a lecturer at the University of Marburg.

Sometimes it is not enough for a man to die. A mediocre man, even a good one, is soon forgotten. But if he was a great man and he had a profound influence for good, his enemies will use every opportunity to desecrate his grave and distort his legacy long after he is gone.

Kingship of Christ and Organized Naturalism, The

Sometimes it is not enough for a man to die. A mediocre man, even a good one, is soon forgotten. But if he was a great man and he had a profound influence for good, his enemies will use every opportunity to desecrate his grave and distort his legacy long after he is gone. Denis Fahey was such a great man. Although he died in , his works have become more significant with each passing year.

Fahey provides those answers — solid Catholic ones that faithfully echo the social teachings of the Church through the ages. Because of his faithfulness, Modernists and other heretics, as well as the doubtful and weak in faith, continue to question, discredit, and attack this holy priest. Buy Books by Father Denis Fahey at store. For example, a Catholic radio station recently aired an interview with author Sandra Meisel, during which she vented her spleen at Fr.

Fahey, calling him an anti-Semite and denouncing him for daring to assert that the Jews and the Masons are opposed to the Catholic Church. The interviewer expressed his admiration for her opinions and his complete concurrence with what she said. He had seen no mention of the Masons in the new Catholic catechism. He simply wanted to know more about the Masons and what the Catholic Church taught concerning them.

My friend was very disturbed by what he found therein and asked me if I would read it. I have studied the article and found that it is filled with calumnies, personal attacks, confusion, and misstatements. With one exception that will be mentioned later, we will not dwell further on Sandra Meisel. She is cited only to demonstrate that Fr. Fahey continues to be attacked, misquoted, and discredited.

Although he died fifty years ago, Fr. Fahey was born in Ireland in He made his profession in Further educated at the Gregorian University in Rome, he was ordained in , taking his Ph. Thomas Aquinas. In he received his Ph. He served as chaplain at an internment camp in Switzerland towards the end of World War I.

Otherwise, his residence remained in Ireland until his death in He spoke German, French, and Italian. A prolific writer, he authored several books that focused extensively on the defense of and richer cultivation of the Kingship of Christ in his Catholic homeland.

During his studies in Rome, Fr. In particular, he attempted to expound and build upon the social teachings of the modern popes — Bl. Pius X and Pius XI. Father Denis Fahey at the C. Seminary at Kimmage, circa The Reign of Christ the King is the only source of hope for the world, both materially and spiritually. It is the only means for building and preserving civilization. Needless to say, in a world that is swimming in heresy, Naturalism, Modernism, Marxism, Socialism, and every other imaginable error, such a teaching causes a great deal of discomfort.

Fahey had an excellent education, a powerful intellect, and remained faithful to the Magisterium of the Church. Because he was also a clear, powerful teacher and writer, he was the enemy of the Modernists and revolutionaries of his day and is hated by those who have come along ever since. Illuminated by these two great beacons, Fr. What follows is a very condensed description of the seven basic principles given by Fr. Into it all men of all nations are called to enter as His members. In contrast, the devil wants the state to put all religions on the same level.

This is the first step toward inducing the secular government to persecute the Catholic Church, which, by divine ordinance, can never compromise her singular authority. Providing equal rights to truth and error spreads disorder. As a result, truth becomes confused with error.

The Church is the sole divinely appointed guardian of the whole moral order — natural and revealed. Many good but misguided people have supported the current attempt of the State to take control of the bishops in America in the mistaken belief that this will protect innocent children from further harm by wayward members of the clergy.

Satan also lures men into talk of restoring order in the world without the help of Christ and His Church. A naturalistic, supranational organization, such as the United Nations, is promoted as a substitute for unification under the Kingship of Christ. This is the foundation of the Christian Family. Our Lord wants members to cultivate purity and honor virginity under the guidance of His Immaculate Mother.

Parents are obliged by God to propagate and fill the earth with Catholic saints. Immodest fashions are introduced and encouraged. Fahey did not mention sodomy and abortion by name because Western Civilization had not yet fallen as low as it now has. During his lifetime, these were crimes that were considered too vile even to mention in public. Movies, plays, and all forms of entertainment are used for this diabolical and disordered purpose. Thus is true personality developed.

Whereas, writes Fr. Women are especially targeted for corruption. He knows that, given fallen human nature, this will lead to the subordination of men to production of material goods and to the treatment of all those not in power as mere individuals , not as persons. For this, he favored Liberalism or Individualism and now favors the reaction against Individualism — Collectivism and Communism.

Now, zealous promoters of Collectivism, Socialism and Communism insinuate themselves into all organizations, including the Church and its religious orders and other institutions.

The purpose of it all is to destroy religious sentiment in everyone, particularly the youth. Laws and social conditions should favor the family unit. He is pleased that money is employed as an instrument for the elimination of the Divine Plan and for the installation of Naturalism.

The desire for money, which is merely a medium of exchange, is unlimited, whereas the desire for property, and material goods needed to foster strong family life, is limited by nature.

The money manipulators want money to change hands at an ever-greater frequency, in order to increase their amount of it. The moral order is weakened in order to undermine prosperity and temporal happiness. Satan hates the human race and, therefore, he widens the road that aids the advance of the culture of death. Through readily available contraceptives he encourages fornication and, having enthroned health and luxury as the most desirable good, he cushions the illusionary deception among married couples that having fewer children brings more material prosperity, and consequently, peace and happiness.

On account of his relentless hatred of the Supernatural Life, he detests above all the central act of submission to the Blessed Trinity, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. He strives to eliminate it wherever he can, and, where he cannot do so, he endeavors to have it treated as a mere formality not intended to influence life. He tries to get the young and inexperienced to accept that they are on the road to happiness, when they neglect the Mass and its significance for life, cast off moral restraint and reject the claims of duty.

He is well aware of the anti-supernatural influence of that official attitude on the average members of society. Upon these seven basic principles of a properly ordered Catholic culture are based all of the social teachings of Fr. His development of them gives us one of the most comprehensive and accurate expositions of solid Catholic social teaching.

Even with such a brief listing, our observation of the events of recent history confirms the truth of his teachings and the accuracy of his predictions. When reflecting on his own work, Fr.

Thus I try to train them [his students] to make Our Lord the center of their lives in every department. In our day, owing to the progress of the anti-Christian revolt, the more radical meaning has become common.

Naturalism may be defined, therefore, as the attitude of mind which denies the reality of the Divine Life of Grace and of our Fall therefrom by Original Sin. It rejects our consequent liability to revolt against the order of the Divine Life, when this Life has been restored to us by our Membership of [in] Christ, and maintains that all social life should be organized on the basis of that denial.

Any system of thought or organization that rejects the divine plan and tries to substitute anything other than His plan would be called naturalistic. It is based on the denial of divine revelation.

He wants to subvert the divine plan and recruit as many men as possible into his disordered cadre — for his malicious delight and their eternal damnation. Fahey goes through great pains to expose the various systems that espouse Naturalism. Individuals come and go but organizations last for generations.

This unorganized opposition of individuals inevitably leads to the formation of little anti-supernatural groups here and there, even without the concerted action of vast organized forces. But the fact that there exists concerted anti-supernatural action on the part of organized bodies is so far removed from the preoccupations of the average Catholic that it needs to be specially stressed and its aims made clear.

One is invisible; the other two are visible. The Jewish Nation is not only a visible organization, but its naturalistic or anti-supernatural character is openly proclaimed, by its refusal to accept the Supernatural Messias and by its looking forward to a naturalistic messianic era. It does not take too much effort to uncover the obvious flaw of Freemasonry — the reason it merits special attention by Fr.

Ultimately, Masonry replaces God with the pantheistic deification of man. Once a conspiratorial organization indulges its members in this kind of Luciferian sin, an infinite variety of errors, perversions, and revolutions have the potential to germinate. As history demonstrates, these evil fruits have been propagated by Masonic societies ever since their formal organization in The vast majority of Catholic Americans has no idea that these notions are evil, fallacious and, therefore, anti-Catholic.

Nor are they remotely aware that these subversive errors have been calculatedly foisted on them by those two above-mentioned groups of organized naturalists and their willing agents and sympathizers. The first time they encounter Fr. True equality as children of God was deformed and became egalitarianism the erasing of all distinctions between individuals.

Denis Fahey

The naturalistic religion may not be a form of worship you have heard of before. Although you may not be familiar with the term for it, you have undoubtedly seen its religious practices in effect all around you. Naturalism remains a philosophical worldview believing everything comes from nature, to the exclusion of any supernatural or spiritual explanations. Western society took a while to warm up to this worldview, but has since embraced it wholeheartedly. For proof, think of these three examples:. Does anyone really bother to believe the Biblical account of the creation of the earth and particularly of mankind? Not if they want to be thought of as sane or rational.

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Short Biographies. Father Denis Fahey, C. The writings of the great Cardinal Pie , Bishop of Poitiers, had a profound influence on his life and work. Following in the footsteps of the great French Cardinal, Father Fahey appealed to Catholics to arouse themselves from apathy and indifference and not to acquiesce in the dethronement of Christ the King. Divine Plan for Order.

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Father Denis Fahey, C. EBOOK - pages. I repeatedly promised Saint Peter that if I ever got the chance, I would teach the truth about his Master in the way he and his successors, the Roman Pontiffs, wanted it done. That is what I have striven to do and am doing.

“Artisans … for Antichrist”: Jews, Radical Catholic Traditionalists, and the Extreme Right

The gospel of jesus christ is recorded in the bible in four separate books written by matthew, luke, mark, and john. Jesus had 12 disciples - peter, andrew, james, son of zebedee, john, philip, thomas, bartholomew, matthew, james, son of alphaeus, simon the zealot, jude thaddeus , and judas iscariot. Organized like a miniature church the family was the most basic institution in puritan society and was organized like a miniature church.


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