vivek chibber postcolonial theory and the specter of capital pdf

Vivek chibber postcolonial theory and the specter of capital pdf

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Marxist Critique of Post-colonialism

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Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital

SPECTER OF CAPITAL Department of Sociology Johns Hopkins ...

Postcolonial theory has become enormously influential as a framework for understanding the Global South.

Marxist Critique of Post-colonialism

One of the most enduring and oft-repeated criticisms against postcolonial theory is that in objecting to the universalizing categories of Enlightenment theories as Eurocentric and inadequate in understanding the practices, experiences and realities in the non-European world, postcolonial critique is ontologizing the difference between the West and the East. Furthermore, any critique of the Enlightenment and its violent legacies is read as symptomatic of forfeiting emancipatory politics, while justifying an exoticization of the East as different. They argue that the non-Western world does not simply mimic Europe, so Western theories of studying capitalism and modernity, although relevant, are nonetheless inadequate in understanding the postcolonial world Chakrabarty Although profoundly inspired by Marx, many postcolonial scholars critiqued the universalist assumptions of historical materialism which claimed that colonial capitalism would expand from Europe to the rest of the world and function uniformly worldwide. It emphasizes the point that taking the West as the norm for the rest of the world, onto which Enlightenment and Marxist categories were projected, disregards and silences the realities and experiences in the postcolonial world.

Through the critique of the foundational works of the Indian Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Offices. Coffee Shop. New York: Verso, , pp. The capitalism that Marx interrogated in the nineteenth century

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Sanjay Seth, V ivek C hibber. Despite its title, Vivek Chibber's book is not about postcolonial theory, but rather Subaltern Studies , a series of volumes principally concerned with Indian history that appeared between and More specifically still, it is devoted to criticizing the views of three Subaltern Studies scholars: Ranajit Guha, Dipesh Chakrabarty, and Partha Chatterjee. Why their writings should merit pages of detailed summary and refutation—what the stakes in this dispute are—is an issue I will return to at the end of this review, but I will begin by summarizing the book's argument. In chapter 1, Chibber outlines what he takes to be the core propositions of his unholy trinity. Most users should sign in with their email address.

Coming from the radical Enlightenment tradition, this book is a critique of Postcolonial Theory. Chibber focuses on the Subaltern Studies section of the theory, and demonstrates how its foundational arguments are based on a series of political and historical misunderstandings. It also received a critical response from Indian postcolonial theorist Gayatri Spivak in Cambridge Review of International Affairs to which Chibber replied in the same journal. Noam Chomsky termed it a "scrupulous and perceptive analysis", and "a very significant contribution. Slavoj Zizek also gave it a strong positive review, calling it "the book we were all waiting for. According to historian Robert Brenner , "Vivek Chibber has written a stunning critique of postcolonial theory as represented by the Subaltern Studies school.

Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital

I expected Chibber to blow postcolonial theory to bits—since his book is a bomb—all of it. We will ignore the fact that bombing things implies lack of substantive engagement with those very things. Let me begin here: can one imagine a book that reads only three texts by three authors, say, Derrida, Foucault, and Lyotard, published as a bomb that is the most substantive dismantling to date of the entire field of continental philosophy? How this complication is conducted is as variegated as the heterogeneity of the peoples whose experiences cannot be understood with only our usual conceptual apparatus.

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Chibber's book simply sets the record straight, bringing postcolonialism down from cultural heights to where it belongs, into the very heart of global capitalist processes. The book we were all waiting for, a burst of fresh air dispelling the stale aroma of pseudo-radical academic establishment. He shows further that--perhaps ironically--Subaltern Studies greatly underestimates the role of subaltern agency in bringing about the transformations that they attribute to the European bourgeoisie. Chibber's analysis also provides a very valuable account of the actual historical sociology of modern European development, of Indian peasant mobilization and activism, and much else.

SPECTER OF CAPITAL Department of Sociology Johns Hopkins ...

But PTSC also stands apart for the political chord it has struck among those interested in the future of Marxism outside academia. Featured prominently at the Historical Materialism conferences in New Delhi, New York, and London in , highlighted in many leftist and activist publications, and debated in academic conferences, PTSC has resonated with audiences who are tired of the postmodernist brand of radicalism that is expressed in postcolonial theory and elsewhere and those who hope to see a resurgence of Marxist ideas. The buzz around PTSC reflects, it seems to me, an excitement and renewed interest in. Marxism as the global left regroups in the twenty-first century—and it is my hope that ongoing debates about the book among Marxists will be productive in furthering and clarifying Marxism for a new generation.

The capitalism that Marx interrogated in the nineteenth century has changed significantly. It remains obvious, however, that the projects of Marxism and postcolonialism are of a contrasting form and socialist register and, while there are many thinkers who have explored the political and cultural materialities of their creative imbrication, they are ideologically distinct and resolutely uneven in their contributions to knowledge and to human liberation. If there remain good reasons to connect them in their theoretical vitality, such an endeavor often reveals the shortfalls in both. And, if Marxism and post-colonialism have always been minority discourses in their respective histories, the scale of their influence is of a profoundly different order. While one cannot speak of actually existing socialism in the same tones or realities of a quarter century ago, to pronounce on actually existing postcolonialism would be absurd by comparison there are postcolonial states to be sure, but postcolonialism does not represent a process of production and reproduction of social relations separate from feudalism, capitalism, socialism or communism. Nevertheless, to enjoin the debate between them is not an altogether academic exercise, even if the best we can do is find some uncanny resemblance. Marxism itself, in all its variegations, wheels around Marx

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Vivek Chibber

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