meanings behind the age of pisces and the age of aquarius pdf

Meanings behind the age of pisces and the age of aquarius pdf

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The Age of Pisces and the Transition into Aquarius

The Dawn of Aquarius - The Turning of the Great Ages

The Age of Pisces – The Age of Deception

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Last time we did some historical speculation about the previous astrological ages from Virgo to Aries. For more on how the astrological ages arise see: The Age of Aquarius and Precession of the Equinoxes. The Age of Aquarius is waiting in the wings and new archetypes are rising as the old gods fade. This is creating a lot of chaos and confusion and a desperate desire for the New Age to begin as soon as possible. As we saw in the last post , the Age of Aries saw the birth of many of the ideas that would come to define the current age.

Those who follow mundane astrology can confirm that history does, indeed, repeat itself. Over the past thirty years, my in-depth research has revealed amazingly detailed correlations between the history of human evolution on our planet and the astrological ages. By examining the smaller 'cycles within cycles' contained in each year age, I have discovered a fascinating model of history from an astrological perspective. This article is condensed from my findings collected during this in-depth study, which are published in my book, Signs of the Times: the End of the World and the Coming Golden Age. It demonstrates that history itself confirms the accuracy of astrology.

The Age of Aquarius , in astrology , is either the current or forthcoming astrological age , depending on the method of calculation. There are various methods of calculating the boundaries of an astrological age. In sun-sign astrology , the first sign is Aries , followed by Taurus , Gemini , Cancer , Leo , Virgo , Libra , Scorpio , Sagittarius , Capricorn , Aquarius , and Pisces , whereupon the cycle returns to Aries and through the zodiacal signs again. Astrological ages proceed in the opposite direction " retrograde " in astronomy. Therefore, the Age of Aquarius follows the Age of Pisces. The approximate 2, years for each age corresponds to the average time it takes for the vernal equinox to move from one constellation of the zodiac into the next. This average can be computed by dividing the earth's 25, year gyroscopic precession period by 12, the number of zodiacal signs.

The Age of Pisces and the Transition into Aquarius

Every 2, years approximately we have a new Astrological Age. The much-anticipated Age of Aquarius begins when the March equinox point moves out of the constellation Pisces and into the constellation Aquarius. Most claim that the Age of Aquarius arrived during the 20th century, while others claim it will arrive in the 24th century. One thing we do know, however, is that it takes around years to gradually transition from one age to another. And right now, we are transitioning from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

On the morning of August 11 it was a sunny day in downtown Los Angeles. I was in town visiting from New York. Since I find news stations to provide interesting overviews of local culture, I switched on the television in my hotel room to catch up on what was going on in LA and the rest of the world, and what people were saying and thinking. The news broadcast showed footage of Europeans clogging highways to get to the best vantage point from which to see this last cosmic event of our century. Some close friends in London had traveled to France to view the eclipse and called to say it was simply spectacular.

All around you there unfolds a great drama, replete with exotic colors, sounds, and complex happenings; yet because of your limited perspective, the meaning of it all escapes you. Only by understanding that larger context can you truly see how those transitory events are integral facets of a broader pattern of meaning, a greater story. In a way, our own predicament is rather like that. To the casual eye, the events transpiring around us may seem like a chaotic jumble of random occurrences: a rocket carrying seven crew members explodes in mid-air; a world leader finds himself embroiled in a foreign war; a new computer technology suddenly takes the world by storm. At first glance there is little to suggest such things possess any meaning or relation to one another. Yet our problem may simply be one of proximity: perhaps we are simply too close to grasp what is going on.

The Dawn of Aquarius - The Turning of the Great Ages

The world population clock estimates that at midnight on December 31, there were 7,,, actors on the world stage. It estimates that during there will be , new arrivals each day and , departures, so the number of actors keeps increasing; and the million new arrivals will further their intelligence and ability development in an Aquarian Age world that is online, digitized, polarized, divided and fractured. Now is so different from the past.

The Age of Pisces – The Age of Deception

An astrological "age" shifts about every 2, years, when the Earth's rotation moves into a new zodiac sign around the spring equinox. There's some debate about when the Age of Pisces ends and the true Age of Aquarius begins, but considering the massive transits that happened in , a common hypothesis it that we truly enter in the beginning of For some evidence, note that on the upcoming winter solstice December 21, , Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in the sign of Aquarius with the Great Conjunction ; and also, seven celestial bodies move into Aquarius in February of

Guest Writer for Wake Up World. The Sun goes through all 12 signs of the zodiac annually and the zodiac also changes signs approximately every two thousand years and is called the precession of the equinox. At the present time we are going through a transitional change. Christianity entered the scene at the beginning of the Pisces Age 2, years ago and the symbol for Pisces is the fish, as well as for Christianity. You see it on bumper stickers everywhere — Christians put the fish symbol on the bumper of their cars. Scripture speaks of fishermen along with the practice of eating fish on Friday.

It rules schedules, organization, routines, … The seventh house is the sector of relationships and other people. It governs all partnerships, both … The eighth house is a mysterious sector that rules birth, death, sex, transformation, mysteries, … The ninth house covers the higher mind, expansion, international and long-distance travel, foreign … The tenth house is at the very top and most public part of the chart.

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Age Of Aquarius – The Next Chapter

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