class and class conflict in industrial society pdf

Class and class conflict in industrial society pdf

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Edited by Matt Vidal, Tony Smith, Tomás Rotta, and Paul Prew

Henry Heller

Conflict in Industrial Society

A class conflict theorist , Dahrendorf was a leading expert on explaining and analyzing class divisions in modern society. Dahrendorf wrote multiple articles and books, his most notable being Class Conflict in Industrial Society and Essays in the Theory of Society He was subsequently known in the United Kingdom as Lord Dahrendorf. Dahrendorf was known for strongly supporting anti-Nazi activities. After this, his family moved to Berlin.

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Marx inherited the ideas of class and class struggle from utopian socialism and the theories of Henri de Saint-Simon. But unlike the French historians, Marx made class struggle the central fact of social evolution. With the development of capitalism, the class struggle takes an acute form. Two basic classes, around which other less important classes are grouped, oppose each other in the capitalist system: the owners of the means of production, or bourgeoisie , and the workers, or proletariat.

With this social development the prehistory of human society ends. When people have become aware of their loss, of their alienation, as a universal nonhuman situation, it will be possible for them to proceed to a radical transformation of their situation by a revolution.

This revolution will be the prelude to the establishment of communism and the reign of liberty reconquered. But for Marx there are two views of revolution. This conception is set forth in a manner inspired by the Hegelian dialectic of the master and the slave, in Die heilige Familie ; The Holy Family. The other conception is that of a permanent revolution involving a provisional coalition between the proletariat and the petty bourgeoisie rebelling against a capitalism that is only superficially united.

Once a majority has been won to the coalition, an unofficial proletarian authority constitutes itself alongside the revolutionary bourgeois authority. Its mission is the political and revolutionary education of the proletariat, gradually assuring the transfer of legal power from the revolutionary bourgeoisie to the revolutionary proletariat.

If one reads The Communist Manifesto carefully one discovers inconsistencies that indicate that Marx had not reconciled the concepts of catastrophic and of permanent revolution.

Moreover, Marx never analyzed classes as specific groups of people opposing other groups of people. This remarkable study contained in seminal form the critique that Marx was to make of bourgeois political economy in Das Kapital.

During the first years of his stay in Manchester, Engels observed carefully the life of the workers of that great industrial centre and described it in Die Lage der arbeitenden Klassen in England The Condition of the Working Class in England , published in in Leipzig. This work was an analysis of the evolution of industrial capitalism and its social consequences.

The correspondence between them is of fundamental importance for the student of Das Kapital , for it shows how Engels contributed by furnishing Marx with a great amount of technical and economic data and by criticizing the successive drafts.

It contains three parts: Philosophy, Political Economy, and Socialism. In the first, Engels attempts to establish that the natural sciences and even mathematics are dialectical , in the sense that observable reality is dialectical: the dialectical method of analysis and thought is imposed by the material forces with which they deal.

It is thus rightly applied to the study of history and human society. The other chapters of the section Political Economy form a very readable introduction to the principal economic ideas of Marx: value simple and complex , labour, capital, and surplus value. The section Socialism starts by formulating anew the critique of the capitalist system as it was made in Das Kapital. He admits only relative values, linked to historical, economic, and social conditions. Socialism cannot possibly be based on ethical principles: each epoch can successfully carry out only that of which it is capable.

Marx had written this in his preface of Marxism Article Media Additional Info. Article Contents. Load Previous Page. Class struggle Marx inherited the ideas of class and class struggle from utopian socialism and the theories of Henri de Saint-Simon.

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Edited by Matt Vidal, Tony Smith, Tomás Rotta, and Paul Prew

Class and Class Conflict in Industrial Society. Ralf Dahrendorf. And it is essential that such a sociology should be continuously kept up to date by the revision of its central principles in the light of new empirical evidence. It is the more regrettable, then, to have to report that, after raising a great many central issues, the book peters out in a rather academic exercise in formal sociology. Perhaps the greatest merit of Dahrendorf is the stand which he takes against the main trend of modern sociological theory.

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Henry Heller

Formulation and application of a theory are two different matters, each of which obeys its own laws and patterns. While the theory itself can be set out in a highly schematic and "logical" fashion, the analysis of facts would lose much of its color and interest if forced into the strait jacket of theoretical exposition. Although I shall indicate when the following analysis of conflict in advanced industrial society is guided by the theory of social class and class conflict, I shall not attempt to rearrange facts so as to fit the order of postulates, models, and hypotheses resulting from the considerations of the last two chapters. The order of reality rather than of theory will guide our analysis in the final chapters of this study, except in this section of this chapter, which serves a special purpose in the context of the following analysis.

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Ralf Dahrendorf

His claims are affirmed as it is shown that upper-class demands for surplus and lower-class resistance have driven the evolution of society from the Bronze Age to the present and were critical to the passage from the tributary mode of production to the capitalist mode of production. Class struggle exists in all class-based societies but was particularly acute in China and the West. In modern times the bourgeoisie engaged in a two-sided struggle against both the landlord class and against the working class.

Conflict in Industrial Society

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