dissecting microscope parts and functions pdf

Dissecting microscope parts and functions pdf

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Stereo Microscope Parts and Functions

A compound microscope is a microscope that uses multiple lenses to enlarge the image of a sample. Typically, a compound microscope is used for viewing samples at high magnification 40 - x , which is achieved by the combined effect of two sets of lenses: the ocular lens in the eyepiece and the objective lenses close to the sample.

A stereo microscope is not new. It has been around for a while now. It is also called a dissecting microscope and stereoscopic. It provides a 3-D view of the specimen.


Though modern microscopes can be high-tech, microscopes have existed for centuries — this brass optical microscope dates to , and was made in Munich, Germany. A microscope is an instrument that is used to magnify small objects. Some microscopes can even be used to observe an object at the cellular level, allowing scientists to see the shape of a cell , its nucleus, mitochondria , and other organelles. While the modern microscope has many parts, the most important pieces are its lenses. A simple light microscope manipulates how light enters the eye using a convex lens , where both sides of the lens are curved outwards.

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The light microscopes used in this course are sensitive and expensive instruments that are handled by many students throughout the semester. This lab will teach you the information and skills you need to use and care for the microscopes properly. Many organisms bacteria and parts of organisms cells that biologists study are too small to be seen with the human eye. We use microscopes to enlarge specimens for our investigation. There are several types of microscopes but you will be mostly using a compound light microscope. This type of microscope uses visible light focused through two lenses, the ocular and the objective, to view a small specimen.

Also known as a stereoscopic microscope, a dissecting microscope is a type of optical microscope commonly used for studying three-dimensional objects 3-D objects as well as for dissecting biological specimen e. The main identifying characteristic of stereo microscopes is the fact that they contain two separate light paths with each of the light paths providing a different viewing angle. As a result, the user gets to observe three-dimensional images of the object under investigation. Depending on the microscope, the stand may either be a hollow, cylindrical rod or a rigid arm with a cuboid shape elongated cuboid. The power cord for incident illumination may be located, or originate from, the upper-most part of the stand allowing the specimen to be illuminated from above.


Historians credit the invention of the compound microscope to the Dutch spectacle maker, Zacharias Janssen, around the year The compound microscope uses lenses and light to enlarge the image and is also called an optical or light microscope vs. The simplest optical microscope is the magnifying glass and is good to about ten times 10X magnification.

There are two main types of light microscope, compound and stereo. Generally stereo microscopes are used for low magnification applications, tyically upto around x. There are two optical paths transfering the image from the eypieces al the way to the to the final objective lens and even all the way to the sample, for some very low cost units. This gives a perception of 3D when veiwing the subject, this is because you are viewing the sample from two slightly different angles, unlike an upright which views with a single optical path vertically to the sample.

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Stereo Microscope Parts and Functions

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Compound Microscopes

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