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Process identification and pid control pdf

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Mathematical Problems in Engineering

Advanced Methods of PID Controller Tuning for Specified Performance

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Systems and control theory has experienced significant development in the past few decades. New techniques have emerged which hold enormous potential for industrial applications, and which have therefore also attracted much interest from academic researchers. However, the impact of these developments on the process industries has been limited.

This chapter provides a concise survey, classification and historical perspective of practice-oriented methods for designing proportional-integral-derivative PID controllers and autotuners showing the persistent demand for PID tuning algorithms that integrate performance requirements into the tuning algorithm. The proposed frequency-domain PID controller design method guarantees closed-loop performance in terms of commonly used time-domain specifications. One of its major benefits is universal applicability for both slow and fast-controlled plants with unknown mathematical model.

Mathematical Problems in Engineering

A proportional—integral—derivative controller PID controller or three-term controller is a control loop mechanism employing feedback that is widely used in industrial control systems and a variety of other applications requiring continuously modulated control. In practical terms it automatically applies an accurate and responsive correction to a control function. An everyday example is the cruise control on a car, where ascending a hill would lower speed if only constant engine power were applied. The controller's PID algorithm restores the measured speed to the desired speed with minimal delay and overshoot by increasing the power output of the engine. The first theoretical analysis and practical application was in the field of automatic steering systems for ships, developed from the early s onwards. It was then used for automatic process control in the manufacturing industry, where it was widely implemented in pneumatic, and then electronic, controllers. Today the PID concept is used universally in applications requiring accurate and optimized automatic control.

A new method with a two-layer hierarchy is presented based on a neural proportional-integral-derivative PID iterative learning method over the communication network for the closed-loop automatic tuning of a PID controller. It can enhance the performance of the well-known simple PID feedback control loop in the local field when real networked process control applied to systems with uncertain factors, such as external disturbance or randomly delayed measurements. The proposed PID iterative learning method is implemented by backpropagation neural networks whose weights are updated via minimizing tracking error entropy of closed-loop systems. The convergence in the mean square sense is analysed for closed-loop networked control systems. To demonstrate the potential applications of the proposed strategies, a pressure-tank experiment is provided to show the usefulness and effectiveness of the proposed design method in network process control systems. Networked control systems NCSs make it convenient to control large distributed systems. Process control can integrate the controlled process and the communication network of computational devices, but sensors and actuators cannot be directly used in a conventional way because there are some inherent issues in NCS, such as delay, packet loss, quantization, and synchronization.

Documentation Help Center Documentation. In many situations, a dynamic representation of the system you want to control is not readily available. One solution to this problem is to obtain a dynamical model using identification techniques. The system is excited by a measurable signal and the corresponding response of the system is collected at some sample rate. The resulting input-output data is then used to obtain a model of the system such as a transfer function or a state-space model.

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We propose a new and simple on-line process identification method for the automatic tuning of the PID controller. It does not require a special type of test signal generators such as relay or P controller only if the signals are persistently exciting. That is, a user can choose arbitrary signal generators such as relay, a P controller, the controller itself, pulse signal and step signal generator because it needs only the measured process output and the controller output. It can incorporate nonlinearities due to actuator saturation or manual mode operation during identification work and shows a good robustness to measurement noises, nonlinearity of the process and disturbances. The proposed autotuner combined with the identification method and tuning rule using a model reduction shows good control properties compared with previous autotuning methods. Download to read the full article text.

Advanced Methods of PID Controller Tuning for Specified Performance

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On-line process identification and PID controller autotuning

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System Identification for PID Control

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