morphogenesis and organogenesis in plants pdf

Morphogenesis and organogenesis in plants pdf

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Mechanisms of Morphogenesis


Plant Development and Organogenesis: From Basic Principles to Applied Research

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It is one of three fundamental aspects of developmental biology along with the control of tissue growth and patterning of cellular differentiation. The process controls the organized spatial distribution of cells during the embryonic development of an organism. Morphogenesis can take place also in a mature organism, such as in the normal maintenance of tissue homeostasis by stem cells or in regeneration of tissues after damage. Cancer is an example of highly abnormal and pathological tissue morphogenesis. Morphogenesis also describes the development of unicellular life forms that do not have an embryonic stage in their life cycle.

Mechanisms of Morphogenesis

The development of plant organs is initiated from the meristematic cells. The organs above the root, like lateral organs, are initiated by the SAM shoot apical meristem. The leaves, which regenerate from SAM, maintain the organogenic capacity in their margins. These cells, when induced in-vitro, give rise to whole plants. The process is known as organogenesis. Organogenesis is defined as the development of organs, like roots, shoots, and flowers, either directly from an explant, or from the callus culture.

Full Length Research Paper. Search for this author on: Google Scholar. Anthuriums are among the most attractive ornamental plants; however, the commercial production of these plants is limited by the slow propagation methods presently in use. This situation can be resolved with the application of in vitro culture techniques which allow massive plant propagation through morphogenic processes. Plant growth regulators PGR and the composition of the basal media comprising the culture medium are among the factors influencing the induction of morphogenesis. Optical and electron microscopy analysis suggested that the morphogenic routes induced were organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis. This report presents three protocols of morphogenesis, two for adventitious shoot organogenesis and one via somatic embryogenesis.

Morphogenesis is the set of processes that generate shape and form in the embryo--an important area within developmental biology. An exciting and up-to-the-minute account of the very latest research into the factors that create biological form, Mechanisms of Morphogenesis , second edition is a text reference on the mechanisms of cell and tissue morphogenesis in a diverse array of organisms, including prokaryotes, animals, plants and fungi. By combining hard data with computer modeling, Mechanisms of Morphogenesis , second edition equips readers with a much broader understanding of the scope of modern research than is otherwise available. The book focuses on the ways in which the genetic program is translated to generate cell shape, to direct cell migration, and to produce the shape, form and rates of growth of the various tissues. Each topic is illustrated with experimental data from real systems, with particular reference to gaps in current knowledge and pointers to future. Cell and developmental biologists, graduates, would attend conferences by the British Society for Developmental Biology and the American Society for Developmental Biology, the Developmental Pathology Society etc. Since Davies has run his own laboratory at the University of Edinburgh, with a multidisciplinary focus on discovering how mammalian organs construct themselves and how we can use apply knowledge to build new tissues and organs for those in need.


Plant morphogenesis is brought about chiefly through differential growth. Permanent embryonic tissue results in a morphogenetic potential that varies greatly with the environment and continues to produce new organs throughout the life of the plant. Animal morphogenesis is accomplished by growth and by cell movement. A fixed pattern is established early; the organism is determined as to shape, size, and organ complement. Once organs are formed, no new ones with few exceptions are produced. See also histogenesis ; organogenesis. Morphogenesis Article Media Additional Info.

Box 39 A, 07 Nitra, Slovakia. Cellular totipotency is one of the basic principles of plant biotechnology. The mature embryo ME is increasingly recognized as a valuable explant for developing regenerable cell lines in wheat biotechnology. We have previously developed a regeneration procedure based on fragmented ME in vitro culture. Before we can use this regeneration system as a model for molecular studies of the morphogenic pathway induced in vitro and investigate the functional links between regenerative capacity and transformation receptiveness, some questions need to be answered. Plant regeneration from cultured tissues is genetically controlled. Plant regeneration in culture can be achieved through embryogenesis or organogenesis.

Plant Development and Organogenesis: From Basic Principles to Applied Research

The way plants grow and develop organs significantly impacts the overall performance and yield of crop plants. The basic knowledge now available in plant development has the potential to help breeders in generating plants with defined architectural features to improve productivity. Plant translational research effort has steadily increased over the last decade, due to the huge increase in the availability of crop genomic resources and Arabidopsis -based sequence annotation systems. However, a consistent gap between fundamental and applied science has yet to be filled. One critical point is often the unreadiness of developmental biologists on one side, to foresee agricultural applications for their discoveries, and of the breeders on the other, to exploit gene function studies to apply candidate gene approaches when advantageous.

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    MORPHOGENESIS IN PLANT TISSUE CULTURES of genetically identical plants by regeneration from vegetative tissues via organogenesis or somatic.

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    Recent findings call for the critical overview of some incorrectly used plant cell and tissue culture terminology such as dedifferentiation, callus, totipotency, and somatic embryogenesis.


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