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Masonic symbols and meanings pdf

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The Meaning Behind 15 Common Masonic Symbols

This is especially so considering it features on none other than the American dollar bill. It represents the eye of God and serves as a reminder to Freemasons that God is always watching, seeing all of their actions and thoughts. Others still devise that the letter G in ancient Hebrew had a numerical value of 3, which is highly referenced throughout history when talking about God. As well-represented as the All Seeing Eye is, the Square and Compasses are really the most well known or recognized Freemason symbol.

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Mark and I came across this wonderful headstone in the graveyard of Bakewell Parish Church in the heart of the beautiful Peak District in Derbyshire. Before reading any further, both Mark and I would like to point out that we are not experts on free masonry. We have simply researched various symbols depicted on the headstone to come to our conclusion. Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts and knowledge.

The snake or serpent as a symbolic symbol on a headstone is fascinating to try and decipher. You have to think about the characteristics of a snake, how they coil their bodies and spring into attack with a venomous bite or squeeze the living life out of its victim.

Snakes regularly shed their skin, bringing a new lease of life and lots of different cultures use these characteristics to tell informed stories to each other. Another example is the Egyptians ancient belief that the world was formed when a cosmic egg was inseminated by a God who took the form of a snake coming from the water. The Chinese mythology sees the world being guarded by two snakes that are intertwined and symbolise Ying and Yang power and wisdom of the creator and if you study mythology from different cultures, you will see that the snake has a a dual purpose.

It can represent good by creation of the world and life, but can also bring death and destruction. The headstone pillars represent the Temple of Solomon, the first holy temple mentioned in the Hebrew bible which is the base for the Old Testament. On the headstone , you can see hands adjoined to each tail of the snake that points to the wavy sword , therefore highlighting this aspect of the deceased and lets not forget that swords also have a dual purpose.

You can live by the sword, justice, honour, power etc.. Could the deceased be a Tyler who would protect the Masonic Lodge from unauthorised access and ensure that candidates for ceremonies are properly prepared?

We believe the deceased to be a Freemason Tyler who was an outer guard of a Masonic Lodge. Such duties of a Tyler can include the following: —. This position is usually given to a deserving Mason who has fallen on hard times or to a senior lodge member who can help and advise those kept waiting outside. If you would like help deciphering a headstone , please get in touch.


Masonic Square Meaning. More specifically, it symbolizes both our outside and inside. Join our Freemasonry Community. G means Geometry is only for the lower levels it is the exoteric meaning for the general populace. Now, this is a third coincidence already between the stark similarities between INC and Freemasonry. The Masonic apron should be white lambskin, fourteen inches wide and twelve inches deep. The Menorah, not the Hexagram is the true symbol of God's covenent with the Jewish people.

Freemasonry or Masonry consists of fraternal organisations that trace their origins to the local fraternities of stonemasons that from the end of the 14th century regulated the qualifications of stonemasons and their interaction with authorities and clients. Freemasonry has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories throughout the years. The basic, local organisational unit of Freemasonry is the Lodge. These private Lodges are usually supervised at the regional level usually coterminous with either a state, province, or national border by a Grand Lodge or Grand Orient. There is no international, worldwide Grand Lodge that supervises all of Freemasonry; each Grand Lodge is independent, and they do not necessarily recognise each other as being legitimate. The degrees of Freemasonry retain the three grades of medieval craft guilds , those of Apprentice , Journeyman or fellow now called Fellowcraft , and Master Mason. The candidate of these three degrees is progressively taught the meanings of the symbols of Freemasonry and entrusted with grips, signs and words to signify to other members that he has been so initiated.

I. The Hidden Meaning of the Masonic Symbolism. 1- 5. II. The Symbolism What does the physical body of the candidate symbolize? (60). What is the.

The Meaning Behind 15 Common Masonic Symbols

Members of the enigmatic Masonic brotherhood include prominent politicians, Founding Fathers and titans of business. In modern times, Masons are known for donating millions to charity. But who are the Freemasons and what do they stand for? Is there really a secret Freemason handshake? Here are seven things you may not know about Freemasons.


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