communicative language teaching approach advantages and disadvantages pdf

Communicative language teaching approach advantages and disadvantages pdf

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Elements of CLT

The Advantages of Communicative Language Teaching

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The audio-lingual method , Army Method , or New Key , [1] is a method used in teaching foreign languages. It is based on behaviorist theory, which postulates that certain traits of living things, and in this case humans , could be trained through a system of reinforcement.

Elements of CLT

The Communicative Approach , also known as communicative language teaching CLT , emphasizes interaction and problem solving as both the means and the ultimate goal of learning English - or any language. As such, it tends to emphasise activities such as role play , pair work and group work. It switched traditional language teaching's emphasis on grammar , and the teacher-centred classroom , to that of the active use of authentic language in learning and acquisition. CLT is interested in giving students the skills to be able to communicate under various circumstances. As such, it places less emphasis on the learning of specific grammatical rules and more on obtaining native-speaker-like fluency and pronunciation. Students are assessed on their level of communicative competence rather than on their explicit knowledge. It is more of an approach or philosophy than a highly structured methodology.

The Advantages of Communicative Language Teaching

Communicative language teaching CLT is the move from teaching language as individual linguistics structures to teaching people how to use language effectively to communicate with others, it is a move from teaching linguistic competence to communicative competence. Communicative competence essentially suggests that teaching learners to form grammatically correct sentences is not enough, Learners also need to be able to use language appropriately in a variety of contexts and situations.. The communicative approach or Communicative Language Teaching CLT , is the name which was given to a set of beliefs including not only an examination of what aspects of language toteach, but also a shift in emphasis in how to teach. In this paper thus, it was tended to find out whether Iraqi EFL high school teachers are at ease when using CLT in their classes or not. That is, whether Iraqi teachers are capable of utilizing comprehensive approach named CLT in their classes to achieve its ultimate goal, communication in real context,. Besides, this paper tries to summon the most common constraints that faced by EFL Iraqi teachers in applying the communicative approach principles by constructing a questionnaire of two rating scales 'Yes", "No" that is distributed to 50 Iraqi EFL teachers as a sample for this study. The present study illustrates that the common constraints cannot be specified exactly but as proposal 15 items that can represent such constraints which can be classified into four types according to their sources: 1.

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Most groups are enthusiastic about the lesson opportunities which CLT offers. However, some also indicated they felt constrained by the system under which they operated, especially those teaching in settings which are particularly exam-focused. In addition, they queried the relevance of CLT to their situation, where many of the students never used English outside the classroom. In contrast, I had shifted across a spectrum of learners, enthusiastically taking CLT along with me as universally appropriate. Taking my colleagues' concerns on board, I began to question the appropriateness of CLT for some of these diverse learner groups. This was supported by current reading on the topic; the titles of some articles see the Reference list made me think I should give up the support for CLT then and there. It really does benefit the students in a variety of ways.

learning methodologies and strategies. The purpose of this paper is to outline advantages, disadvantages and applications of CLT. The researcher reviewed.

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Douglas Brown. Communicative Language Teaching CLT can be interpreted as a set of principles about the objectives of language teaching, the types of classroom activities that effectively promote learning, and the responsibility of teachers and learners in the classroom Richards, In this article, we are sharing notes of English pedagogy with you all. More specifically, in this paper we address to what extent collaborative work, attention to language and content and corrective feedback are observed during teacher-student and peer interaction in these educational settings.

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    Communicative approach is much more pupil-orientated, because it is based on pupils' needs and interests. Communicative approach seeks to personalise and localise language and adapt it to interests of pupils. Meaningful language is always more easily retained by learners.

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