best ipad app to read and annotate pdf

Best ipad app to read and annotate pdf

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Criteria and features


Adobe Acrobat Reader (Android, iOS: Free)

The iPad pencil provides iPad users with greater precision and power. From taking handwritten notes to manipulating documents and everything in-between, the iPad Pro pencil is an unmatchable input device for the iPad.

Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The iPad is a great way to read PDFs, but what if you want to highlight parts of it, take notes, or add some text?

Criteria and features

Annotating can be like editing, marking up or adding notes to webpages, PDFs, or any other documents. With such apps you can highlight and save crucial information on the Go. While coop up all files at one place or drop them to cloud storage without the fear of losing them. To sum up, the goal of using such apps is not merely to annotate files but also to save unnecessary costs spent on inks, papers and other materials. Optimized for larger files, the app lets you upload documents formats like. Apart from that, it makes it easier to mark up colorful texts, add notes, and interact with friends. It is the full fledge iPad app for customizing PDFs with the support of adobe cloud storage.

From Dec 4 to Jan 31, we are running a free upgrade promo for Flexcil 1 paid users! In addition, we offer an event that provides days free trial period for Flexcil 2 The ultimate note-taking app displayed in Apple's Apple Store worldwide. Flexcil is an easy to use, annotation and note-taking tool. Simply highlight by pen gestures and capture images and text on the study-note by pen gestures! Save time transcribing summaries by gestures on study-note with your touch pen or Apple pencil. Say goodbye to tired wrists, tedious underlining and boring note taking.


For the PDF user, it may be even harder. What about specific PDF needs? The choice is yours. If you want power user features such as online file backup, fast web access, automatic sync, and file encryption, Dropbox is the way to go. Requires iOS 3.

5 Best iPad PDF Annotation Apps · 1. PDFelement - Best Free PDF Annotator · 2. PDF Expert · 3. PDF Markup · 4. Notability · 5. Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (Android, iOS: Free)

The best PDF reader apps for mobile do more than just open files. They provide a variety of navigation, annotation and cloud storage functions, putting a full spectrum of document management features on your smartphone. As you're well aware, PDFs are light, portable and can support a variety of document styles, from text-heavy manuals to highly image-based documents such as ebooks and comics. Form-fillable documents can also be used as official forms. And having a good PDF reader on your mobile device is essential if you view your smartphone as a productivity-boosting tool.

PDF Expert is delightfully easy to use, offers the fastest PDF app reading experience, works with many syncing services, and has the most robust toolset available on the iPad. PDFs also happen to be one of the best and most universal ways to send a document to another person. Almost any computing device can view them, and they will almost always display as intended — with formatting and layout intact — across all manner of platforms and devices. We spend an inordinate amount of time sorting through hundreds of apps to find the very best.

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How to Annotate PDFs on iPhone and iPad

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    Don't worry, these are the best PDF annotation apps for iPad that we have tried.

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