advance itt exam question and answer in pdf

Advance itt exam question and answer in pdf

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Advanced Itt Mcq Questions Pdf Download

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Advanced ITT Question Bank

Candidates are advised to carefully read, understand and follow the instructions while filling in the Form and retain the same for future reference. Exam department will allot to the shift on first come, first serve basis and as per applications received and seats available at the centre.

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Advanced Itt Mcq Questions Pdf Download

Which of the following is not an Audit Software Using which functions to perform more complex calculations and exception testing in IDEA? Which of the following are categories of computer audit function? In the following list which is a audit function? Which is the following step involved in a source code review methodology? In IDEA which functions should be used to find repeated values?

Input Control method is a part of Application Control Group. Which is the following type of check that can be run when data is input through terminal? Which of the following statements is true? When the central Data base is busy with central end of day activities or for any other reason, the f containing the account balance of the customer is sent to the ATM switch.

The number that is stored in the ATM switch is the difference of which of the following number? The criteria expression LIKE?

Having clause is used in the aggregate query in MS Access To create a read-only copy of the database, which of the following file format can be used?

The database administrator created a split database and created a front-end database and back-end file. Which of the file should be stored on the server? What are the different views to display a Table?

Which is not a Database Model? What is the purpose of the Switchboard Manager in Microsoft Access ? How does a query-based report differ in design to a report based on just one table? How would you include some plain text into a mailing label report? In a Microsoft Access report, the page numbering would most likely be placed into the:.

If you wished to present a professionally looking form on screen that would show all the necessar information, which of the following form design tools would you most likely use? ACCDB file. To create a split database in MS Access go to which tab? Accessing data store on a remote location using Internet in Tally. Which of the following is not a predefined security level provided by Tally.

ERP 9? Which of the following is not the service area of SCM? Which step of the ERP implementation involves, educating and recruiting end users throughtout t implementation process?

Immediate posting and updation of books of accounts as soon as the transactions are entered. The exported eTDS file from Tally. In Tally. Which of the following will not appear in the home page of K-Doc?

Which application helps the management to allocate the revenue to the credit of the right employe identified the opportunity? Who has full privileges in the financial accounting application? Which of the functionalities is not provided in the purchasing module of Financial Accounting Application.

In Financial Accounting Application,automatic sequence number of documents control is not requ which of the following module? Which of the follwing is not a control in Leave Management System? Which of the following is not a characteristics of WAN? Which types of information assets need to be secured in a CA Office?

Which of the following is not a software equipment required in a CA's office? Which of the following is not an application arranged by ICAI? It is a technique used to determine how different values of an independent variable will impact a p dependent variable under a given set of assumptions. Which of the following is correct? In Excel , what is represented by the small black square in the lower-right corner of an active range? Suppose we accidentally erased a record in an Excel worksheet.

Which command can be used to r immediately? What is a scenario summary report? What does Solver uses in its dialog box? What term describes a feature that gives Excel enhanced capability?

What dialog box allows you to change a field name in a PivotTable? Identify the need for controls and auditing in a computerised environment. Grand totals calculated for any code on a document in the batch are called.. Control that checks if correct sequence of commands and update parameters are passed from the application software to the database.

With respect to data integrity control, when monetary transactions are processed against master fi without a match, we should maintain a.

The system test that tests the top-level modules first and then the lower modules are simulated wi dummy modules to check the interfaces is called. Identify the audit technique that examines each transaction as it passes through the system.

The Core Image Comparison audit technique compares the. The technique used by an auditor to list unused program instructions is.. The sample data created and used for the purpose of testing the application system is called. The test data dummy unit implemented in the normal processing of the system over a period of known as. The test data generated with correctness proof, data flow analysis and control flow analysis tools called. When an auditor expands the extent of substantive tests to determine the impact of defects on the attainment of program objectives, the methodology is.

This is an important control in systems that use digital signatures for authentication purposes. Selecting transactions based on a sampling rate is called. The capability of the generalized audit software to read different data coding schemes, different re formats and different file structures is. The audit software capability of frequency analysis is to.

The audit functions of attributes sampling, variables sampling, stratified sampling are included in functions. Identify the functional limitation of a generalized audit software that enables evidence collection the state of an application system after the fact. The purpose-written audit programs are used for.. Picture of a transaction as it flows through the computer systems is called.. The application controls are. Identify the type of audit when auditors are members of the systems development team.

Identify the field check - "If a set of values is defined, is the input data one of these defined value The field check that conforms if data input for a field is in a particular format. The field check on a processed data that fails if a field is not initialized to zero or errors occur dur calculation is The validation checks applied to a field depending on its logical interrelationships with the other the record are called.. A group of records or transactions that are contiguous constitute..

Which query should be used to retrieve the following information from table of databases "Which employees earn more than Rs. What is a form in MS-Access? Which of the following degree of relationship cannot be applied in MS-Access ? In MS-Access, what data type can be used for a phone number field in a database? Which of the following can be a primary key in an employee database?

Which of the following is a Database Management System? Which of the following is not a data type in MS-Access ? Which of the following is a New data type in MS-Access ? Which of the following is not an action query in MS-Access ? In MS-Access , which data type is best suitable for storing the price of a commodity?

In MS-Access , which of the following data type creates a field that allows the user to choos from another table or from a list of values by using a list box or combo box?

In MS-Access , which type of query extracts the data from one or more existing tables and p into separate table? In an MS-Access report, in which section we can keep the count[Sales] to calculate the total sales month? Which are the transaction supported by the Billing and Accounting software? Which Tools and Utilities is not supported by Payroll Application?

To create New Contact and access Contact features are available in which application? The financial transactions are to be.

The day book contains transactions relating to The Bills Receivable details are maintained in a.. Creditors ledger has details of your dues to.. The sundry debtors are placed in the Balance sheet on the The first step in Tally before any transaction is entered or saved is creating a To configure country specific details use the function key Identify the security mechanism used in Tally.

The basic document where transactions are entered chronologically is. After selecting a company in Tally, you will be in the Tally software is based on accounting system. Identify the primary group of capital nature that uses bank account and cash in hand as sub group All financial entries in Tally are done using.

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Which of the following is not an Audit Software Using which functions to perform more complex calculations and exception testing in IDEA? Which of the following are categories of computer audit function? In the following list which is a audit function? Which is the following step involved in a source code review methodology? In IDEA which functions should be used to find repeated values? Input Control method is a part of Application Control Group.

The key features of each of modules are as stated below:. The course develops an understanding for use of Information Technology in the field of accounting and auditing and uniform theoretical and practical knowledge to all the aspiring CA students. The training components of the course focus on use of Application Software relevant for Accounting, Auditing and allied areas related to the CA profession. The 15 days full time Course on General Management and Communications Skills-I has been developed to make CAs Complete Business Managers versus just accountants with an all-round personality encompassing managerial skills, soft skills, time management skills and interpersonal skills and negotiation skills. The GMCS course is designed with an idea that at the end of the session, each and every student is well-equipped to cope up with the challenges of the global competitive environment. The course aims to impart training to translate the challenges into rewarding opportunities.

The impact of Information Technology IT on several aspects of accounting profession and practice has been pronounced over the last two decades. The revolutionary developments of various IT tools and techniques have a far reaching impact on the organizations. As primary users of information systems in organizations, accountants need to participate in the design, development and operations of IT systems. Accountants today need to measure and evaluate the performance of information systems. Internal auditors must assess the quality of information systems for operations, compliance and financial reporting while external auditors must assess for financial reporting and both must also evaluate the accuracy of information input and output. There are many stakeholders relying on the data provided by ERP systems.

Advanced ITT Question Bank

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