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Osho famous books in hindi pdf

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Osho - Insights on sex


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Osho - Insights on sex

Last year, in a world conference of biologists, the president of the British Biological Association,. He said a very. He said that the evolution of human life is not the addition of. In the evolution of man, nothing. Only the hindrances, in between, get put.

If you compare man and animal, the man has nothing more than the animal; rather he has. The hindrances that animals have, have fallen of f in the man and what is dormant in animals. Between a seed and its flower, the flower does not have anything more than the seed, rather it has. It appears very contradictory but this is the truth. The hindrances that were in the seed, have. Compared to the animals, the plants have more hindrances in them.

If they fall away, the plants. If the hindrances of animals fall away, the animals will become man. If the. If all hindrances drop, all that is. God or anything or even if we do not want to give it a name, that will do. Man has yet hindrances. Badkun has nothing to do with spirituality but his. There is no difference in the statements of Badkun and Buddha. The process of meditation does not take you to some. The process. Someone was saying to a sculptor that you have made this statue very beautiful.

The sculptor said,. I was only passing through that way and the statue in this stone called me. If one cuts away the wrong which is in man, becomes what is hidden in him manifests. God is. It is the name of the energy hidden in the man. But as we are, there. If the clay is removed, the gold becomes manifest.

So about meditation, the first thing that I have to say to you is that what you will be in the last. Meditation will not add. It will cut away some wrong from you. It will destroy. Nothing new will be added, only old hindrances will be dropped.

The experiments that we. And all those who will be ready to do it honestly, for them results are certain to happen. And the results cannot be expected of them either.

No, no other qualification is needed. Only one qualification. And what I am. Even small children can do it. Hence you. No, if there will be any difficulty,. Even a small child. All significant things are simple. It is the insignificant things that are complex and difficult.

All truths. But we are strange people! If something seems very complex and difficult we think it must be some. It is not so. All truths of life are as simple as two and two. Only untruths are difficult. The untruth has to be difficult, because if it is simple it will. The untruth has to move into circles and through cunningness so that.

Truth stands just straight and naked. As it is, so it is. This is why all the difficult things that have been said in the world. All the true things that have been said in the world, are generally simple and. This experiment that I am to tell you is very simple.

It brings amazing results. In this experiment. In the first three stages, you are to do something and. In the first stage, the experiment involves ten minutes of fast breathing. For ten minutes. You have to breathe as fast. Breathing has to be used like bellows. Firstly, the life-energy dormant within us awakens when breathing hits hard. Perhaps you may not. The energy with which our bodies are functioning is also a form of.

This organic electricity is the life-energy. The more oxygen this electricity gets, the more. This is why people have died without oxygen, but even if one is just on the. In these ten minutes, you have to inhale with such force that all the air inside your body goes out. The proportion of oxygen in your body has to be changed. And the hit of the breathing has to be so forceful that energy which is asleep. Within five minutes of this experiment, in the bodies of at least sixty.

You will feel it very clearly that something has begun vibrating. Yoga has called it Kundalini. If we ask science it will call it body-electricity. It will. There is a man in America with whose body-electricity very amazing experiments have been done. His body electricity is more than what is usual. He did some special experiments on breathing and. In Sweden, there is one woman still alive,.

She could not be married because in touching her, one gets the same shock. These few people have specially extra electricity in their bodies and. But there is electricity. Now on the very first day you will see the results on sixty percent people. But forty percent people,. This has been my observation and therefore. I am talking of sixty percent. But I will say to each of you to be amongst the sixty percent and not.

Only after five minutes, you will feel something in your body has begun vibrating and rising up. By the time you have completed ten minutes. The whole body will become a flow of energy. Naturally it will have its effects. When there will be forceful vibrations in the body, the body will start.

The second stage of the experiment is also of ten minutes in which one has to allow the body totally. Its results are cathartic.


Sex is a mysterious phenomenon, which has puzzled even great sages. Human beings have researched and mastered the biology of sex. But that is not all. Sex needs to be understood from the spiritual perspective too. The vision of Osho is an enlightening experience in this regard. Out of the thousands of lectures, five lectures on sex made Osho most notorious. Born into a Jain family of Madhya Pradesh, Rajneesh, who later wanted himself to be called Osho, is a great master.

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Last year, in a world conference of biologists, the president of the British Biological Association,. He said a very. He said that the evolution of human life is not the addition of. In the evolution of man, nothing. Only the hindrances, in between, get put.

Seeds of Wisdom - alaalsayid. The Book of Wisdom - Bible Gateway. The Book of Wisdom. English Discourse series. These discourses are rare jewels of wisdom.

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During his lifetime, he was viewed as a controversial new religious movement leader and mystic. In the s, he travelled throughout India as a public speaker and was a vocal critic of socialism , arguing that India was not ready for socialism, and that socialism, communism, and anarchism could evolve only when capitalism had reached its maturity. Rajneesh also criticised Mahatma Gandhi [3] [4] [5] and the orthodoxy of mainstream religions. In advocating a more open attitude to human sexuality [8] he caused controversy in India during the late s and became known as "the sex guru". In , Rajneesh spent time in Mumbai initiating followers known as "neo- sannyasins ".

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Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Vol 1 4 Osho. Free of charge osho tamil books pdf Reading. Read download Osho Stories on fear for kids with. And more moral short stories in traditional tamil language with pictures, pdf to download free for kids and. Free Tamil books online for download. Topics include Tamil literature, stories, Siddha and health from famous authors.

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