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The arrival picture book pdf

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Reading Shaun Tan's The Arrival

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Please note that ebooks are subject to tax and the final price may vary depending on your country of residence. Fry Book Award Immigration is an ongoing, global phenomenon and schools and teachers in host countries must continually find new ways of working with the increasing numbers of immigrant pupils, including refugees and asylum seekers.

Language and literacy are crucial for inclusion in a new context but these must be developed in spaces where these children feel safe to explore themes that resonate with their experiences; to express their understanding and to engage in intercultural exchange.

The inquiry was carried out in educational settings, with children from many different parts of the world, in four host countries: the UK, Spain, Italy and the USA. The findings reveal the benefits of using wordless narratives such as picturebooks and graphic novels together with visual strategies to support immigrant children's literary understandings and visual literacy.

They also reveal the wealth of experiences the children bring with them which have the potential to transform educational practices. The Vessel: Theoretical Frameworks and Intersections 2.

The Passengers: International Contexts and Participants 3. Reclaiming the Migrant Experience 5. Making Meaning through Retellings and Inferences 6. Re-orientating Cultural Identity through Intertextual Response 7. Fostering a Community: Mediation that Supports Learning 9. Through cross-cultural collaborations and research methodologies that attend to visual modalities, they provide a rich example of 21st century literacies that is sure to inspire researchers and teachers alike.

Anchored in the metaphor of the journey, and using a visual journey as support, this unique, fascinating, and well-organized volume is a fine tribute to Tan and a genuine hymn to teaching and integration of immigrant children from diverse cultural and linguistic origins. It is timely as it appears at a time when educators are beginning to explore the important place of visual literacy in intercultural education and in language education as migrations brings new diversities to classrooms worldwide.

It offers, significantly, important resources for opening out the imagination and enabling new visions of critical and social learning to emerge, in a scaffolded context. The authors have produced an invigorating and excitingly intellectual contribution to the field of intercultural literacy studies. Framed by Tan's eloquent introduction and by the authors' in-depth analyses of the students' responses, the book offers readers new understandings of the power of visual narratives to engage these young immigrants' literacy skills, personal reflections and imaginative powers.

This is an important new international addition to texts on picturebooks, visual literacy and issues of immigration. This study offers much more than an analysis of reception and interpretation of children's literature.

Through a rigorous methodology of ethnographic and collaborative nature, this study contrasts the perceptions of informants from three contexts Glasgow, Arizona and Barcelona and feedback from children about their experience and their experiences on immigration are evaluated.

The careful methodology of this study exposes the process of the navigating the interpretive Process up to conclusions on Cultural Identity, Learning and Teaching mediation and to determine strategies for Inclusive Pedagogy. Topicality of the subject and the prospects of analysis of this research point to the visual strategies as a key reference for inclusive and collaborative innovation in Literacy. This can be proven both by the up-to-date bibliography used, and by the systematic organization and account of the different themes investigated.

This issue is also reflected in the book's index; its chapters open new perspectives for specific studies in various issues. He has a very encouraging horizon ahead for the education in the field of visual narratives, in particular starting from wordless picture books, which constitute very powerful tools both for social integration and for artistic innovation.

A highly significant examination of the potential of wordless picturebooks to support immigrant children as learners and meaning makers, it is inspiring, thought provoking and engaging.

This important book also reveals the critical nature of the teacher's role in developing literary understanding through image based narratives and offers new hope for intercultural understanding in the classroom.

This book meets a critical need in the field through exploring issues of literacy and identity within the increasingly complex lives of children across global communities. Inviting us to imagine the world outside ourselves and to go beyond the discourse of global compassion performed in our humanitarian media environment, the book asks us to get in touch with our sense of belonging to a wider moral community.

Experiencing wonder and bewilderment in the pages of a book can be a great apprenticeship to exercise one's own orientation, active citizenship and openness to what's different in the real world.

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There are 3 comments

The book is pages long and divided into six chapters; it is composed of small, medium, and large panels, and often features pages of full artwork. It features an immigrant's life in an imaginary world that sometimes vaguely resembles our own. Without the use of dialogue or text, Shaun Tan portrays the experience of a father emigrating to a new land. They just see them as a problem once they're here, without thinking about the bigger picture. I don't expect the book to change anybody's opinion about things, but if it at least makes them pause to think, I'll feel as if I've succeeded in something. The Arrival tells a universal story of immigration.

Reading Shaun Tan's The Arrival

The Arrival by Shaun Tan is an extraordinary book. It could be used to teach any language, even Latin. When I have a new student I open the book and we start discussing the pictures.

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Success was foreshadowed in when he won the International Illustrators of the Future Contest, the first Australian to achieve this award. Shaun has been illustrating young adult fiction and picture books since , initially making his mark by interpreting the work of wellknown authors in the After Dark series of short fiction. Since then, the former West Australians distinctive style has won him international reputation as an illustrator of rare talent. Now living in Melbourne, Shaun Tan has produced perhaps his most ambitious work yet conceived in and more than five years in the making. A mere glance at The Arrival is enough to understand why it has taken so long to be realised; but time spent lingering over its many illustrations confirms that this is a creation of enduring significance not just for young adults, not just for Australians, but for humanity. Pams review, along with comments from students and thoughts from Claire Jones, then a member of the Iona teaching staff, follow. Claire is now teaching at All Saints College in Perth.

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