food preservation book pdf fssai

Food preservation book pdf fssai

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FSSAI Technical Officer Syllabus

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

Describe the typical bacterial growth pattern, and explain important factors affecting microbial growth. Describe basic mechanisms and indications of microbial food spoilage.


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Foods contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms usually do not look bad, taste bad, or smell bad. It is impossible to determine whether a food is contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms without microbiological testing. To avoid potential problems in foods, it is very important to control or eliminate these microorganisms in food products. Pathogenic microorganisms can be transmitted to humans by a number of routes. Diseases which result from pathogenic microorganisms are of two types: infection and intoxication. For a foodborne illness poisoning to occur, the following conditions must be present:. The most common symptom associated with foodborne illnesses is diarrhea.

FSSAI Technical Officer Syllabus

The paper would be in two parts, with Objective MCQ type questions to be attempted in minutes. Note: The level of the paper will be consistent with the educational qualifications prescribed for each post. General Intelligence: would include questions of both verbal and non-verbal type for e. Questions on analogies, similarities and differences, space visualization, problem solving, analysis, judgment, decision making, visual memory, discriminating observations, relationship concepts, arithmetical reasoning, verbal and figure classification, arithmetical number series, non-verbal series etc. Also testing knowledge of currents events and matters of every day observation as may be expected of an educated person. The test will include questions relating to India and neighboring countries specially pertaining to History, Culture, Geography, Economic scene, General Polity including Indian Constitution, sports and scientific research etc. These questions will be such that they do not required a special study of any discipline 5 Questions.

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Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

The FSSAI is responsible for setting standards for food so that there is one body to deal with and no confusion in the minds of consumers, traders, manufacturers, and investors. FSSAI is located in 5 regions [16]. This act also sets up the formulation and enforcement of food safety standards in India.

Former Chief Scientist, CSIR — Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore Classification, structure, properties and functions of fatty acids, essential fatty acids, fats, phospholipids, sphingolipids, cerebrosides, steroids, cholesterol, plant sterols, bile acids, prostaglandins, lipoamino acids, lipoproteins, proteolipids, lipopolysaccharides. Classification of fatty acid based on Carbon number, position of double bond, saturation, unsaturated, conjugated position in triglycerides. Reactions of lipids, oxidative and hydrolytic rancidity. Different types of fats, uses in food processing, food emulsions, fat replacers.

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    THE TRAINING MANUAL FOR FOOD SAFETY REGULATORS WHO ARE. INVOLVED IN NEW DELHI – Website: Food preservation - the causes and prevention of quality degradation In , Lord Northbourne coined the term organic farming in his book Look to the Land. (​), out of his.

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