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Embed Size px x x x x How many more gadgets can you add to the list in exercise 1 in two minutes? Match the gadgets in exercise 1 to the descriptions,

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Embed Size px x x x x How many more gadgets can you add to the list in exercise 1 in two minutes? Match the gadgets in exercise 1 to the descriptions, Then nd other two-word verbs in exercise 3. Learn the verbs and test your partner. What are they? Listen and check. Describe how to use it but do not say what it is. Use the Phrases2know. Can other students guess what it is? Find more examples of relative clauses with which, that, who and where in the article.

Then choose the correct de nition, a or b, for each word. Relative clausesUse a relative pronoun to add extra information:The latest gadget is a fridge. The fridge can throw you a drink. The latest gadget is a fridge which can throw you a drink.

Think of three ideas and compare answers with the class. Id like to invent a robot that tidies my bedroom for me. We interviewed Mike Rogers who started GoGreen! Gadgets are part of our lives now, he explains in the of ce in his garden where he runs the company. But we want to help the environment and save money, too. Save money, get healthy AND charge your mobile! The Pedalcharger is a small gadget which you attach to your bike.

Then you plug in your phone and start cycling. After thirty minutes, your phone is fully charged and it costs nothing! The new H20 Multi-clock is unique. It has an amazing water battery which produces electricity. You dont plug it in, you just ll it with water! It has a thermometer and a radio, too! The latest must-have gadget is a fridge which throws you a drink! Press the remote control and the drink ies across the room to you.

John Cornwall, the student who invented the fridge, explains. One day, I thought, Im tired of going to the fridge for a drink why dont the drinks come to me? In pairs, explain why they are important to you. I cant live without my CD player. The question on this mornings phone-in radio breakfast show is: Which gadgets cant you live without, and which do you hate? What are the rules about using mobile phones in. Answer the questions. Who wants to ban mobile phones from the school.

Then read Grammar2know to check. Are these sentences about the present or the future? Which tense comes after if? Put the verbs in the correct tense. Which sentences do you agree with? First conditionalUse the rst conditional to talk about a possible future situation:We wont be able to contact our families if we dont have our mobiles at school.

After school nishes, people will be able to use their phones. Parents will discuss the situation when they meet next week. Then match 15 with ae to make dialogues. Robert Langley, Head Teacher of King George V School in Egham wants schools to become mobile phone free zones after an incident at his secondary school. A student used his mobile phone to lm part of a lesson in which several students fell asleep. We also have students who text their friends and family during lessons or even play games.

I have no problem w. Post on Mar views. Category: Documents download. Tags: gadgets work relative pronoun relative clausesuse word verbsnotice examples of relative word race work fridge whichthat screen tv words. Match the gadgets with the photos. Then you select from the menu. Just follow the instructions. Dont forget to switch it o. Phrases 2 know 5 3. What two advantages of GoGreen! One of the gadgets does not belong in the GoGreen!

Which one is it? Would you like to own any of these gadgets? Use who or that for people: John Cornwall is the student who invented the fridge. Use where for places: He had a few accidents in the college room where he keeps the fridge. Grammar 2 know 10 What gadget would you like to invent? Guess which gadgets the radio listeners mention. Is your list the same?

Then listen again and match them with the speakers. Dan a Ive thrown them both away now and my life is much better. Cathy b They smell nice and if youre hungry, you can even eat them.

Tim c You realise how important it is when you cant nd it. Alice d I hate all gadgets when they break down. Lucy e It wakes me up and makes me go to school. Nick f I dont get bored at all but people probably think Im mad. Which gadget is each speaker talking about? Do they love it or hate it? Do you agree with them or not? Its really important to me because it was a present. I use it when The question on this mornings phone-in radio breakfast show is: Which gadgets cant you live without, and which do you hate?

Grammar FocusFirst conditional and future time clauses 5 Look at the photo on page 71 and answer the questions. What are the rules about using mobile phones in your school? Do you agree with them? Why not? Who wants to ban mobile phones from the school and why? Who agrees or disagrees with Mr Langley, and why?

Who do you agree or disagree with? Future time clausesUse the present tense after time words like when, after and before: After school nishes, people will be able to use their phones. I promise! Student's Book Intermediate Speak Out. Successful Breastfeeding, , Virginia Phillips New english file. Entry checker-Student's. New Success Pre-intermediate Student's Book. New Success Intermediate Student's Book. Upper-Intermediate - Student's Book.

Language to Go - Intermediate - Student's Book. Profile 2 Intermediate Student's Book. Face to Face Intermediate Student's.

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Life 5 A Workbook answer key 1. Life b1. Life upper intermediate Matsaavedra. Booklet pre. Welcome to the insight Teacher's Site..

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Embed Size px x x x x How many more gadgets can you add to the list in exercise 1 in two minutes? Match the gadgets in exercise 1 to the descriptions,

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Add to cart. Libro Libre serves well as a grammar textbook and contains many useful and relevant activities to practice this grammar, moving from mechanical to guided to open-ended, generally speaking. However, it is imperative to keep in mind that cultural information, reading exercises, and appropriate listening activities will need to be sourced elsewhere. Workbook Pre-intermediate Answer key 1 Name Grammar 1 a present perfect b simple past c simple present d future be going to e present perfect f future be going to g simple past h present progressive 2 a His parents did not give him a typical Mexican name. Descargar gratis. English File Intermediate Third Edition.

This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form. Report DMCA. Home current Explore. Words: , Pages: The right of Melanie Williams to be identified as author of this Work has been asserted by her in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act Photo acknowledgements The publisher would like to thank the following for their kind permission to reproduce their photographs: Key: b-bottom; c-centre; I-left; r-right; Hop Alamy Images: Roger Bamber 70; Buzzslotz 9t; ClassicStock 73c; Roger Crack.

Chandler Dominika.

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Discuss the questions in pairs. Read the text about the human brain. Which statements do you think are facts and which are myths? Compare answers in pairs. Write one sentence about five of the people in the box below, using Words2know.

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