abdullah abu sayeed books pdf

Abdullah abu sayeed books pdf

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Biswas, Animesh ; Abdullah, Abu Sayeed ; Deave, Toity; Dalal , Koustuv ; Mashreky, Saidur Rahman

Biswas, Animesh ; Abdullah, Abu Sayeed ; Deave, Toity; Dalal , Koustuv ; Mashreky, Saidur Rahman

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Biswas, Animesh ; Abdullah, Abu Sayeed ; Deave, Toity; Dalal , Koustuv ; Mashreky, Saidur Rahman

Abdullah Abu Sayeed born 25 July is a Bangladeshi educator, writer, television presenter, and activist. He is the founder and chairman of Bishwa Sahitya Kendra , a non-profit organization that promotes the study of literature, reading habits and progressive ideas. Sayeed was born on 25 July in Park Circus , Calcutta. Sayeed was a professor of the Bengali language at Dhaka College. He received the National Television Award in

Biswas, Animesh ; Abdullah, Abu Sayeed ; Deave, Toity; Dalal , Koustuv ; Mashreky, Saidur Rahman

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Abdullah Abu Sayeed is a renowned writer, television presenter and activist. Born in Kolkata in , Sayeed is the son of a well-known playwright. As a youth, Sayeed devoted his time to writing poetry and prose and led a literary movement in the s as editor of the magazine Kanthashar The Voice. He then opted for television and hosted a number of popular shows. He also taught literature at Dhaka College for around three decades. Through his Bishwo Shahitto Kendro , or World Literature Centre, Sayeed attempts to keep alive the rich Bengali literary tradition through books which are slowly being replaced by other forms of media in the modern era.

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