the selfish gene book free download pdf

The selfish gene book free download pdf

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The two languages of science

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Ready to learn the most important takeaways from The Selfish Gene in less than two minutes?

(JACKPOT) The Selfish Gene ebook eBook PDF

Ready to learn the most important takeaways from The Selfish Gene in less than two minutes? Keep reading! Key Takeaways: Finite resources and differing abilities drive evolution Genes replicate themselves, and in the process, variation occurs.

As variation increases, genetic resources begin to deplete. Example: The first complex life forms evolved from the most useful replicator genes. The gene is virtually immortal because it can persist in limitless copies Organisms die, but genes survive and continue through reproduction. Example: Your ancestors died generations ago, but you still carry some of their genes. Genes are selfish because they thrive at the expense of other genes Genes that carry different variations of the same trait fight for limited resources.

Example: Alleles, such as eye color, try to occupy the same spot on a chromosome. Example: Genes that code for longer legs in the antelope may have a better chance of surviving a chase by a cheetah. Genes work together with other genes to build organisms for the sole purpose of utilizing the reproductive system to ensure gene survival Genes work in tandem with other genes because they need the organisms they build to reproduce to carry it to the next generation of organisms.

Genes program behavioral strategies into organisms to increase the chance of gene survival, but this may be an antiquated mode of survival for intelligent organisms Genes encode certain behaviors into the brain to respond to environmental stimuli, but those same rules may be detrimental to modern intelligent organisms. Mutual altruism and foresight can override the selfish gene in certain situations Sometimes organisms act altruistically toward another organism if it leads to a greater chance of survival for copies of their genes in other organisms.

Example: A mother bird might lure a predator toward herself to protect her offspring. A gene is to biology what the meme is to human culture A meme is the smallest unit of culture like a song or an idea. Memes have the potential to be immortal as they are passed down from generation to generation.

Example: The omnipotent God is a central meme in several religions. Want To Keep Reading? Cam Woodsum September 6, Cam Woodsum. I started Two Minute Books to help people improve their lives and their businesses or careers.

The two languages of science

Metrics details. In no small part, the amazing success of modern science in learning about our world is rooted in its rigorous structure: scientists clearly lay out assumptions, design conclusive experiments with the appropriate controls, and use statistical methods to assess our confidence in the results. These processes form the core of what Francois Jacob called day science [ 1 , 2 ]. To utilize these strengths, we speak in a highly precise and metaphor-free language when we describe our work in manuscripts and at conferences. Acquiring this language is an important part of our formal training as day scientists. But there is an equally important second language of science, which is rarely taught explicitly and often overlooked. This is the language of night science —the creative part of our work, where we come up with the first, hazy versions of the very ideas to be tested by day science [ 1 , 2 ].

W hat is man, and what are we for? Remarkably, it was not until Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species in that anyone, in our history, had thought methodically to address the reason for our existence. A hundred years later, in the heady, innovative atmosphere of the s, a new generation of young and ambitious evolutionary biologists found themselves confronted with a rare opportunity: the rediscovery and renewal of evolutionary theory. Enter Richard Dawkins, a young Oxford zoologist who had been born, and partly raised, in Africa. It is the gene, the unit of heredity. It is designed to appeal to the imagination.

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Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion, a book that attempted to expose logical faultiness of religion and its' cause of much suffering in the world, is the most read​.

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As influential today as when it was first. Dawkins articulates a gene's eye view of evolution - a view giving centre stage to these persistent. Forty years later, its insights remain as relevant today as. This 40th anniversary edition includes a new epilogue from the author.

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The Selfish Gene

Created by the original team behind SparkNotes, LitCharts are the world's best literature guides. Dawkins is famous for his enthusiastic and approachable writing style, aimed at appealing to the general public and theorists alike. He tends to avoid technical jargon in his explanations, and favors using literary devices like metaphors and personification to make his arguments instead.

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The Selfish Gene Book Summary (PDF) by Richard Dawkins

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